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10-05-2018, 02:04 AM

Finding meaning in the ones we love

For some strange reason, it is the human desire to want to understand those things that are meaningful to us; even if only in the smallest possible way. For instance, we want to know and understand how our Tech Works let's say a cell phone we play around with it to understand how to better serve our interest in the device but the average person doesn't want to know what all the technological stuff on the inside of the phone does or how it makes the phone work for that matter. Our only desire is to figure out how the phone can better serve us cosmetically phone calls text apps Etc.
Still there are others who have a desire to understand the inner workings of those things that mean the most to them. Some people want to take apart these things and figure out what makes these things work. How was the phone able to make calls? Send text? Produce and work apps? These people make care for the tech device itself, but they care more about what makes a device tick; what makes it work the way it does.
I'm not sure if it's an 8, or if it's a learned behavior, but we care about what we care about and little to nothing else. Unless it is directly in our faces or on our doorstep knocking fiercely, demanding to be let inside. As of late the dog has moved from pet to family member, and humans have moved from pet owners to pet parents. If I had to guess why such a social shift has taken place, I'd say it's because our pets dogs more than any other pet, has become more meaningful to us as a society. There are still people out there who don't see any significance in dogs because dogs are of no direct benefit to them, that is until a rescue dog has to save them from drowning or pull them from a fire or save them from a wreck Etc. Yet, the majority of society sees dogs as part of everyday life.
I remember, in my formative years, walking from my house to the bus stop that was about 4 to 5 blocks up. Michigan weather was predictably cold, and you can expect snow to be on the ground 5 to 6 months out of the year. Just as you could predict that it would snow on Thanksgiving Day or the day after, or that it would snow on the first day of spring or the week following, this was standard for the weather in Michigan when I was a kid, now not so much. You could count on a stray dog chasing you at least twice a week on your way to the bus stop. It wasn't an everyday thing, but the consistency with which these dogs operated was enough to keep you on your toes. Dogs were a staple in my life even though my family didn't own one. These were meaningful moments in my childhood. Of course, I didn't know it at the time, but now I look back and smile at such memories.
Dogs are meaningful to us as a society and that meaningfulness extended beyond that of a pet for some more than others, and steal, others really have a meaningful desire to understand what the dog is thinking, what the dog is feeling, what the dog knows and or understands. These are the things that are meaningful to the dog, and finding out these things, through the latest research, costing and meaningful reactions, can help you have a better life with your four-legged family member, and help you understand your dog better making you a better person and a better pet parent.
You have to understand that those things that have meaning for you may not have the same meaning for the dog, and vice versa. Shoes we learn as human beings are for feet and used for us to walk in. For a dog shoes may not carry the same meaning, which explains why dogs chew on them instead of trying to insert their paws into them. We as humans assumed that things meaning the same for everyone and everything but that is not always the case. For instance, offering your left hand to someone in Middle Eastern countries as a sign of disrespect, while in most cases, it doesn't matter which hand you offer in the United States to welcome someone.
Things have different meanings for different people, so let us not apply the same meaning we have for things to our dogs also. What may look like a sad and depressed look for a dog to you, could mean he or she is sick, hurting, or just bored. If your dog means enough to you you will take the time to figure out these things, because these things are meaningful to the dogs we love and care for.
In relation to Human Relationships, since it always comes back to this, figure out and understand what's meaningful to your loved one. No one understand what is Meaningful to you and convey that to the ones you love and care for. The signs are always there, you just have to look for them, and read them properly the same rules apply with humans and animals. Understand those who mean the most to you.

"If we want to understand the life of any animal, we need to know what things are meaningful to it" - Alexandra Horowitz.

I hope this article will help you build a loving and lasting relationship with your fur baby. Spend the time to get to know and understand your dogs and this will eliminate the overwhelming problem of owner surrender to shelters, not to mention giving you and your dog a more meaningful life together. Hope you enjoy and learn, more to come.
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