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06-12-2017, 01:48 PM

House Training a Rescue


My nameís Pat and I recently rescued what we suspect is a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Pitbull Terrier Mix. Heís about 3 years
Old. He seems to have had mild training in the past. He wasnít chipped, but was neutered. The rest of his history is unknown. He suffers from inter dog aggression, and separation anxiety. With the proper practice, those 2 things have improved significantly since I got him in September. The issue Iím having now is I still have not been able to properly House train him. When I first brought him home, I attempted to crate him triggering severe PTSD. The minute I would leave the room he would try to get out to the point of mutilating himself. Eventually I scrapped he crate, and allowed him free roam of my small town home. He is not destructive, and stays out of trouble while Iím at work, however after a few hours of being alone he has an accident. I originally blamed it on the anxiety and began working on that, but Iíve started video taping him. The minute I leave, he goes to his bed and sleeps the majority of the day. Sometimes he gets up to have a drink, sometimes he pees. While Iím home he never has accidents, and always goes the minute I take him outside so I have been unable to ďcorrect bad behaviorĒ, only praise him for going outside. Without the ability to crate, and with the understand he is alone most of the day, how should I go about house training him properly?

Thank you!!
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