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About me

Uuuh...well I'm 24 years old (as of 2.05.2011) and currently live in a little village just north of Salisbury in Wiltshire. My partner and I took out our first mortgage in May of 2009 and I set up my doggy home boarding and petsitting business in July 2009. I love my job as I get to be around dogs and animals all day and it meant that I could have my own dog without worrying about having to leave him to go to work. Before I set up the business I left school and studied for a degree in Radiotherapy and Oncology (the study of cancer and its treatment with high energy x-rays) and became a qualified Therapeutic Radiographer in 2008. After finishing my degree I decided to become a Health Care Assisstant for a while to see 'the other side' of nursing. I worked in A&E for a couple of months where I developed a fear of blood and had to leave. After this I decided to follow my childhood dream of working with animals and got a job at a kennels. I loved the kennel work, being with the dogs all day was awesome and it gave me the idea of setting up my own small home-run business for dogs that don't like to be left in kennels. In September 2009 our puppy Kiba was born. He's a Northern Inuit Dog and a true joy to own, even if he is a little norty! It is my partner's first experience with owning a dog although I have had a dog since I was 11. My pup lives with us and my old English Setter girl is living out her old age with my parents as we couldn't face upheaving her from her old home and bringing her to new surroundings at almost 12 years of age. *Edited to add* I am sad to announce that my English Setter, Cally sadly passed away on the 22nd of May 2010, just a few weeks before her 12th birthday. It was a massive shock for me, especially as I didn't have the opportunity to say goodbye to my special girl. She will be forever etched on my heart. 21/3/2011 - Figured this could use a little update! It's been a strange year! We started fostering for the NIS last year and have currently taken on and rehomed two Northern Inuits who are now happily in their forever homes. Kiba loves having company of his own breed (and also similar breeds) so we are now waiting on puppy number two and hopefully will find out soon if the bitch we would like a pup from is actually in pup! Fingers crossed! Steve and I got married on 25th September 2010 at Clearwell Castle in the Forest of Dean. We had a fantastic day with lots of family and friends and best of all Kiba was allowed to share our day with us, I wouldn't have had it any other way! Pictures are available here (mostly of the dog): Lost one of my rabbits a couple of weeks ago, run free Jasper bunny, please keep a watch on your little sister, she is lonely without you... 5/5/2011 - Another little update, we have another foster from the NIS staying with us at the moment, hopefully he'll be moving on to his forever home in a few weeks. Also we are pleased to announce a new permanent addition to the house, our new puppy Yōkai will be joining us in the middle of June! It will be nice for Kiba to have a constant companion. 3/2/2012 - Well's been a while since I've been here. Stayed away for a bit after being a little disheartened with the whole thing, but decided today to come back and say hi. We added a third Northern Inuit to the family in November of 2011, didn't plan on adding another so soon after bringing Yoyo home, but it was a litter I couldn't pass up the chance to have one of the pups. His name is Teddy and he is a full masked male Northern Inuit. So...that's my story so far. Welcome to my life!

My Interests

walking, playing with the dogs, reading, internet addiction.

Name: Kalasin
Male or Female: Female
Type of dog/s owned: NI (x3)
Prev Breeds owned: NI English Setter
Has owned dogs for: 9 to 20 years
Dog's owned: 3
Dogs owned over the years: 4 - 6
I have trained dogs to: An intermediate level (10 commands or more)
Believe in using positive training methods?: Yes - but I will raise my voice if I have to
Have you ever shown any of your dogs?: No but am considering it
Have you ever bred your dog?: no
Pet Insurance: Yes my dog/s are insured
Marital Status: Married
Drives: Vauxhall Zafira 2005


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