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Dog Breed Insurance Comparison

Want to see how much insurance for your breed costs compared to other breeds? Or how insurance costs might vary by insurer? Look no further!

In this section you will find insurance costs from two different companies.

The details used for each quote were the same, apart from the breed: Male dog, 3 years old. Owned by a man, early 30s and in a city centre location. Quotes were sought Feb/Mar 2011 - within two weeks of each other.

Insurance Company One

The first insurance company is a 'leading' pet-insurance-specialist company. For the purpose of this quote we opted to use only the BUDGET policy option for our comparison. Their budget policy offers 3,000 cover for 12 months.

It's worth noting there were some oddities in the pricing though, as some of the breeds only cost a few pound more for the next policy up - whereas as most cost significantly more - however this seems most common for those breeds costing more for the budget policy to begin with. For example, The Hungarian Vizsla cost 22.50 for the budget policy, yet the next (better) policy up, cost 23.52 Compare that to the budget policy for an Australian Terrier which cost 13.51, yet the next option up cost 23.52. We're not quite sure why that is - but it just re-emphasises that you should get lots of quotes and shop around.


Insurance Company Two

The second insurance company is a 'premium' supermarket who are offering pet insurance. For the purpose of this quote we opted to use BOTH standard and premium policy prices for our comparison. Their standard option offers 4,000 cover for 12 months. Their premium option offers 7,000 cover for 12 months.


Please remember this is meant to serve as a rough guide only and costs may vary depending on where you live, how old your dog is etc. However it should serve as an approximate guide to compare dog insurance by breeds.

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Dog Breed Insurance Comparison

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