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Dog Kennels

Dog Kennels are essential if you plan on leaving your dog outdoors for any length of time. Find out what they are and how best to choose and use them in this Quick Start Guide.

Dog Kennels are essentially outdoor housing units for dogs. They come in various shapes and sizes and generally, you will find Dog Kennel companies offer two different ranges, one for the domestic market (home users) and the other for the professional market (rescues, breeders, police dog handlers etc). Although dog kennels are normally purchased by people who keep their dogs outside, these days an increasing number of people use them when they don’t wish to leave their dog at home alone.

What to look out for

A well constructed dog kennel should provide weatherproof/waterproof housing and as a minimum be wide enough for the dog to comfortably turn around in and long enough so the dog can sleep at the back away from any draught or direct sunlight. Smaller dog kennels (designed for smaller dogs) usually have a removable top to make them easier to clean and are slightly raised off the ground to keep the inside dry. When deciding on a size, bigger is nearly always better especially if the dog will remain in the kennel/run for long periods.

Dog kennels are most commonly made of wood, because it is a nonconductive material and so is less affected by heat or cold as other materials – although nowadays some of the professional kennels are constructed of certain types of metal. Some dog kennels are designed to be used in conjunction with a dog run or have a small run built in. A dog run is like an extension to a kennel giving the dog more space – some have open tops and some don’t. Very often, they are made of galvanised steel bars. The dog run is normally at least the same size as the kennel but can often be 2 or 3 times as long.

When choosing a kennel, it may be a good idea to ask the kennel company if their kennels are suitable for dogs that chew – even if – your dog is not a chewer. This is because the chances are your dog will get bored when put inside a kennel and what do dogs like to do when they’re bored? That’s right – they like to find something to chew!

Warranties also vary from company to company, but shop around, as some companies offer 15+ year warranties!

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