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Dog Beds

Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes, so in this Quick Start Guide we take a look at the most popular types and how best to choose one for your dog.

You can get everything from big dog beds to little dog beds, hard dog beds (dog baskets) to soft fluffy ones, you can even get dog beds that have been designed to look like actual beds (!) and others that resemble toy cars, sofas, and even ultra modern minimalist style metal framed ‘floating’ type ones!

Not all dog beds will suit your dog though.. if your dog loves chewing fabric (or your cushions) then he may think he’s in doggy heaven when he’s given his brand new soft n spongy dog bed - but to chew not sleep in! Don’t worry though, with all the different types of dog beds out there, there’s bound to be one that’ll suit your dog.

If you’ve never bought a dog bed before, observe your dog for a while… see where he likes to sleep – does he prefer the hard floor or the sofa? Does he like sleeping in the corner all curled up or does he like to spread out in the middle of the room? Getting to know your dog is the first step in helping you find the best dog bed for him. If she likes curling up, how about a curved bed she can get into? If he likes spreading out on the sofa then how about a soft rectangular dog bed (the ones that look like giant pillows) or maybe the best of both worlds with a dog basket with a soft dog bed or blanket thrown in?

Whichever type you decide on, make sure it’s made to the latest health and safety standards (always look out for the fire-safety labels on them) and be sure to consider whether you want a fully washable one, or one with just a removable washable cover.

Here’s a quick list of some the different kinds of dog beds you might expect to find:

Sofa dog beds - dog beds that look like sofas!

Donut dog beds - soft dog beds that resemble ‘donuts’ (or nests), they have a larger outer raised ring so the dog can get comfy in the middle.

Round dog beds – these are round, level, soft beds (no raised corners or edges like the donut beds)

Rectangle dog beds – Rectangular, level, soft beds (again no raised edges or corners)

Hooded dog beds – these have an ‘arch’ at the top that goes to the back, looking a bit like a ‘hood’, some dogs like to ‘hide’ and so these go down well with them.

Reversible dog beds – these are handy if you want to be able to reverse the bed, sometimes they have different patterns on each side.

You might find you need to go through a few dog beds to find the perfect one for you dog – put the effort in though as your dog will spend a lot of time sleeping… hopefully in the bed you bought him zzzZZZZ

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