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Dogsey Veteran
Hannah is offline  
Location: Cornwall
Joined: Jun 2005
Posts: 2,786
23-05-2006, 01:27 PM
Thanks LS thats what I thought good excercise in small bursts but rediculous to expect a young pup to keep that up for and hour!

Loki and I went to the class recommended to me, it was brilliant! Such a shame it took me so long to find it I wish I had been able to take Loki from as soon as he was old enough! Totally different atmosphere, everything I had hoped the others would be and wernt! The people were all really friendly I wasnt the only person who was new that week and new people wernt singled out at all, we were made to feel very wellcome and all the pups were allowed to meet each other at the begining of the session, which was something I wasnt happy about the other one and why I feel Loki played up so much.
Loki was very well behaved, not perfect but very good for his first time, he was top of the class for his sit and down, although he was older than alot of the other pups. He didnt walk to heel as nice as he usually does with all the excitement but we both got alot out of it and Im really looking forward to the next one, just a shame theres not one next week with it being a bank holiday next monday, Loki only has just over a month in this class before moving up to the next one with him being nearly 5 months, but he can nearly do everything already for the kennel club good citizen scheme puppy foundation assesment so hopefully with a bit of work he might be able to pass that before he moves to the next group, but its the same trainer anyway. We need to do abit more work on walking to heel with distractions but that is coming on nicely, and getting him to sit at my side rather than infront of me, and his stand but he picks things up so quickly and we are already making lots of progress!
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Lucky Star
Dogsey Veteran
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Location: Usually in a muddy field somewhere
Joined: Nov 2004
Posts: 20,145
23-05-2006, 03:01 PM
That's great Hannah - I'm so glad things worked out.
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Dogsey Veteran
Kristina is offline  
Location: Deal, Kent
Joined: Feb 2006
Posts: 2,408
23-05-2006, 08:16 PM
That new class sounds sooooo much better! And sounds like Loki and you both enjoyed it much more. I hope it just gets better from here! Good luck to Loki and yourself and im sure you will pass easily before you move to the next class x
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