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Dogsey Veteran
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Location: Manchester
Joined: May 2004
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08-12-2006, 01:45 PM

Messy morning

What a fun, but messy morning. Our next door neighbours are having work done on their house so the choc lab Coco(Stars half sis) had been but in the garden and was making sure everyone knew she did not like being left their. So when I was taking my three out I heard her still moaning so I thought that one extra dog would be no trouble, so I turned back and took her as well.

Despite being related to her Star is far from being her biggest fan, so I half expected him to show his grumpiness with her. But to my surprise he just ignored her while her, Jake and Skye were at full speed. On our walk round the old golf course I decided to take them to the higher part of it when we got their Jake had gone exploring by himself and Skye was being her usual cocky self and was bossing Coco about which was funny to see as Coco is a big girl next to Skye. When we got to the top I called them for a treat, they all sat and gave a paw, Coco being the only one not to snatch. Then my 3 were stood next to me and Coco then went down on her front legs egging the trio on, which they did so we had all 4 wrestling in mud and very tall grass, so they all ended up soaking. Star was extra good and played really well with her. Skye Coco then went playing in a huge build up of rain water, which involved Skye sitting on Cocos head, holding her under water, this is the 2nd time shes done this as she did it to her in the water bowl.

When we got home I brought Coco in ours, a big test as Star is not keen on her coming in. That went well but the floors throughout the house are muddy as anything. Skye and Coco finished their wrestling while Star and Jake had a lie down, Skye then came in running round like a maniac. It took Coco a few minutes before she plucked up the courage to come in the living room, when she did they all had a sniff round and were all about to go asleep, but someone knocked on next door causing my 4 to go mad.

She is now back home sleeping and my 3 our fast asleep, so off I go to clean the floor.
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Dogsey Veteran
Toby is offline  
Location: North East
Joined: Dec 2005
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08-12-2006, 01:51 PM
sounds like good fun was had by all, notice though how all the muddy ones can have a good old sleep while you have to clean up the mess.!!!LOL
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