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Dogsey Junior
IJF is offline  
Location: Essex, UK
Joined: Feb 2007
Posts: 44
23-09-2008, 02:04 PM
Originally Posted by JoedeeUK View Post
There are no hard & fast rules to breed-the main consideration is the temperament of the dog-it has to be 110% reliable-no weakness at all, friendly to all & equally important is total obedience control. It is these three things are musts. No dog can be too friendly(no matter what UK Police & Service dog sections believe)
A good Schutzhund dog does not have to be friendly to everyone, but it does have to be social. There is a difference.

A dog must be reliable in all situations, with solid nerves and clear in the head.

Each stage of Schutzhund includes a temperament test & failing at this level means no further participation in the trials. There is no such test in UK WT.
I'm not sure what this temperament test you are talking about is. Schutzhund consist of three phases (Tracking, obedience and protection). No doubt that these test the temperament of the dog, but there is no separate temperament test after the BH has been passed.
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Dogsey Veteran
inkliveeva is offline  
Location: Stirlingshire
Joined: Oct 2006
Posts: 7,203
24-09-2008, 09:37 AM
Really interesting read, thanks for the thread Hades, I do feel safe with my dogs but I know Inka especially would be more likely to go behind me in a situation where you'd expect your dog to take control, i.e being, feeling threatened...Toro is a different kettle of fish though I'm quite sure instinct would kick in with her...I have never trained any of my dogs for protection, suppose you'd need a certain interset in that type of training, but I do enjoy watching and admire the dogs that can do that type of work ...
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Almost a Veteran
Dobermonkey is offline  
Location: Leicestershire
Joined: Apr 2008
Posts: 1,402
25-09-2008, 08:52 AM
Tuns first reaction is to hide behind me. Our trainer says he has no doubt that in a real threat situation Tun would protect me but has ultimate trust in me that I will make sure he comes to no harm which has made our sch training rather erm.. slow! Hence deciding to opt for working trials instead.
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Dogsey Junior
workinggsd is offline  
Location: Surrey UK
Joined: Apr 2008
Posts: 181
25-09-2008, 04:23 PM
IJF well done, you have covered all the points that i was going to cover after having a good read, saves me getting cramp cheers
Yes i do train for Schutzhund,
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New Member!
pridek9traiing is offline  
Location: staffordshire
Joined: Dec 2008
Posts: 2
11-12-2008, 09:12 PM
shutz training is a sport nothing more, to which the k9 is trained only to bite the sleeve and release upon command of the handler, protection training is very similar in training methods however emphasis is more on bite a body part closest to the k9 not a sleeve, and the dog is trained to hold a hard bite and to increase intensity the more struggle is given and relax on the relaxing of person bitten. I specialise in training most breeds and have owned and trainined many breeds. I personally feel more at ease knowing my pp (personal protection) trained dog has the ability to distinguish what i want and when not only that, but should she bite i know that all we have to do is command an out and not have to fight the dog to release as seen/heared when dogs do attack. should any one be interested in training i do home visits and train one on one. feel free to email me with your request.
hope this helps.
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Dogsey Junior
Angel44 is offline  
Location: Lincolnshire, UK
Joined: Oct 2008
Posts: 211
11-12-2008, 09:39 PM
When I lived in South Africa all my german shepherds were trained to a high level in personal protection and some of them were trained to Schutzhund level.

On the rare occassions that we did have intruders my dogs all did their job brilliantly and my husband and I were never injured or had our possessions stolen thanks to the dogs.

However well trained the dogs were, first and foremost they were our pets. We did a lot of entertaining and there was only 1 german shepherd bitch that we had to lock away in our bedroom as she was unsafe with other people. The other dogs were very sociable, very playful and absolutely adored children even though we didn't have our own at that stage. They were all (apart from Tai the bitch) an absolute delight and 100% safe and trustworthy.

When we moved to the UK we brought one of our gsd's with us. He was fully trained in protection, but hadn't gone on to do Schutzhund. The owner and staff of the quarantine kennel we used said they had never had a more well behaved, affectionate, loving, placid and wonderful german shepherd in their kennels before. He was an absolute favourite Although he had in the past had to protect us quite viciously at times, he never once growled or barked unless absolutely necessary or given the command to do so.

My vets had also commented on what a well mannered dog he was.

I would say that in my experience if the dog has a suitable temperament then personal protection work and Schutzhund will have no influence over their characters in their home life. I would also like to point out that the only dog I had a problem with was the aggressive bitch Tai, and she had only ever had obedience training and no form of personal protection work at all as she was deemed unsuitable temperament wise.
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