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03-01-2008, 12:43 AM
Originally Posted by Leanne_W View Post
There seems to be a serious lack of rabbits round these parts too so they very rarely get the opportunity to chase one.

There is an area close to us which has a heavy population of pheasants and I take both dogs to this area specifically so they can do what comes natural and they can hone their skills. I dont want them to catch anything, I merely want them to hunt and flush.

Now, at this point you may have looked at my "dogs owned" and see that I have a collie! But yes, he hunts very well and on many occassions, flushes out more birds than Flynn. The only thing is, his collie instincts kick in and he then tends to chase them in flight!

We were taking the dogs a lead walk the other night and came across a dying pigeon which was huddled on the pavement. We didnt see what it was at first because it was dark but Flynn knew immediately and proceeded to, with much gusto, pick it up. My other half panicked and went a bit overboard getting the bird out of Flynn's mouth. Jed on the other hand merely sniffed it with nervous curiosity and was happy to move away. I guess thats where the difference between breed purposes comes in. Jed's in it for the chase whereas Flynn wants to actually get hold of the prey.

I'm not entirely convinced that Flynn wouldnt have eaten the bird, in fact, I think he would have done which he of course isnt supposed to do. It was a bit shocking to see him grab the pigeon with such purpose but at the same time, it was also pleasing to know that he has an overpowering natural instinct and would do what is required of him out in the field.
You should come and work your dogs in our field, there's hundreds of the bloody things!!!
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