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Dogsey Veteran
IsoChick is offline  
Location: Preesall, Lancashire
Joined: Feb 2006
Posts: 5,622
03-01-2008, 10:16 AM

The Boxers invent a new game...

We have recently got rid of the baby gate at the bottom of our stairs, as Max kept jumping over it to get to me if I was upstairs. I was worried about him injuring himself, so we've taken it down for now.

This means the Boxers can now follow me upstairs (and wake their Daddy up in a morning with kisses )

I was in the bathroom last night (no more details will be forthcoming ) and Murphy was sat on the bathmat, but Max was laid outside the bathroom door (he refuses to come in because of the B.A.T.H.)

All of a sudden he ran downstairs and Murphy followed.

For the next few minutes all I could hear was Boxers thundering up and down stairs and muffled bumps and bangs.

When I did see what they were doing I laughed out loud!

Max had brought a Kong upstairs (still a bit of stuff left in the bottom) and was throwing it downstairs. As soon as it hit the bottom, Murphy would go and get it and bring it back upstairs. Max would then steal it off him, eat whatever had come loose and throw it down the stairs again

Of course, my stairs and landing were covering in bits of biscuit and peanut butter

Poor Murphy was doing all the work whilst Max was getting the treats... I suppose that's the perk of having a little brother!!
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Dogsey Veteran
Mother*ship is offline  
Location: West London, UK
Joined: Oct 2006
Posts: 1,753
03-01-2008, 10:28 AM
No, sorry, that's not a new boxer game it's an old Mini Schnauzer game! Pepper worked out ages ago that she can get the last little bits out of her kong or treat ball ball by dropping it down the stairs.

You boxers are so behind the times.

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Carole is offline  
Location: Scotland UK
Joined: Apr 2004
Posts: 45,029
Female  Diamond Supporter 
03-01-2008, 10:31 AM
LOL it took mine a while to realise that dropping kongs from a good height releases some food too Murphy will need to make Max work next time
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Dogsey Veteran
Lionhound is offline  
Location: Elsewhere
Joined: Oct 2007
Posts: 7,227
03-01-2008, 10:32 AM
How clever are they for working that out?!! Poor Murphy will just have to hoover up the crumbs on the stairs for his share
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Dogsey Veteran
CLMG is offline  
Location: Kent, UK
Joined: Apr 2007
Posts: 5,029
03-01-2008, 11:01 AM
Hehe, sounds like they're having great fun the bit about the bathroom reminded me of one of my old dogs a Lab x, you darn't leave the bathroom door open if you were having a bath as he would come running and from a distance take a great leap and end up in with you, with most of the water on the bathroom floor
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Dogsey Veteran
Katie23 is offline  
Location: Cheshire
Joined: Apr 2005
Posts: 3,387
03-01-2008, 11:12 AM

millies not that smart yet - she stands on it

as for the bath - when im hvaing a shower - (which is over the bath) millie jumps in the shower sometimes with me, so now she has to be locked out the bathroom
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Dogsey Veteran
MistyBlue is offline  
Location: no
Joined: Sep 2006
Posts: 2,912
03-01-2008, 12:27 PM
haha awwwwwwww!! my pup kinda throws his too! i dread to think of the mess if we head stairs though!!

so cute! boxers must be such a fun dog to own! a lovely one walks past my place everyday, he looks a little sod!
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Dogsey Veteran
Trixybird is offline  
Location: West Sussex
Joined: Dec 2005
Posts: 13,948
03-01-2008, 07:30 PM
what happened in the bathroom then ??
Good game for them and new territory.
Sounds a little like my two, Archie always runs like mad for the ball, then Harvey strolls up and pinches it off him
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Dogsey Senior
Hammer is offline  
Location: Milton Keynes, England
Joined: Nov 2007
Posts: 333
03-01-2008, 10:18 PM
Originally Posted by MistyBlue View Post
so cute! boxers must be such a fun dog to own
They certainly are (but I'm biased )
Originally Posted by MistyBlue View Post
he looks a little sod!
That they are as well...very cute, but little sods!!! PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!!!

My Benson has mince stuffed in his Kong, and now realises that flinging it into the air sends mince flying across the kitchen. His tail (yes, he has one) wags like crazy as he hoovers up the debris.

Problem is, I keep finding mince in my shoes, cups, fruit bowl etc etc.
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Dogsey Veteran
dollyknockers is offline  
Location: With the fairies in the garden
Joined: Jan 2007
Posts: 11,519
03-01-2008, 10:24 PM
Thats why i have three MB there a brilliant dog to own , And as Max has demonstrated extremley smart , xxdk
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