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Ben Mcfuzzylugs
Dogsey Veteran
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19-10-2012, 10:49 PM
Oh that is a shame, sounds rubbish
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Dogsey Veteran
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19-10-2012, 11:54 PM
Originally Posted by Ben Mcfuzzylugs View Post
Oh that is a shame, sounds rubbish
I think you're right, BenMc. I hope Charley can find something better.

After my experience with a group class that really wasn't suiting my dog, I put it on hold - MUCH better to do this than carry on regardless.
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Almost a Veteran
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30-10-2012, 01:28 PM
Originally Posted by CharleyMaddison View Post
My thoughts on the agility.

Well yesterday was actually a familiarisation to see if the dogs were suitable for taking the beginners agility course. The other dogs consisted of 4 collies, a labradoodle, a labrador, a lovely wire-haired visla with a very impressive beard, a Lakeland and a white crossbreed.
Had 6 initially in our beginners. Later 1 dropped out

After a brief wait the trainer began talking to us new people. She asked if anyone had done obedience and a few said they hadn't, so she told them she was effectively teaching children to teach children then in that case?! (the group were all aged mid 20s to late 50s).
To be fair a lot of places require a basic level of obedience. Seems sensible.

The suitability test consisted of walking around in a square and then doing a sit and recall from about 2meters
Well that's a basic level. If you can't do that you're probably urinating into the breeze! We built up to simple jumps and a short tunnel - as much to see if you and the dog enjoy that sort of thing.

there was a little jrt being handled by a young girl of about ten. The little dog frequently went racing off after other dogs doing the course an was barking in their faces.
Er... you what? Why not on lead?

Anyway while we were all filling in the forms a big comosion could be heard from the other end of the enclosure an this dog was in a scrap with a much bigger dog

Now there's a surprise. Not.

Everyone reacted in the way that really annoys me saying oh that little dogs been attacked etc! The girl was crying her eyes out an some people managed to get the bigger dog off an the little girl an her dog left for the vet.
Strewth. We've had one minor scrap caused by a new dog deliberately trying to get in the face of the only dog that doesn't appreciate other dogs getting in his face. It had had one investigation early on and was caught but much later on seized the opportunity to get away from his owner while on course and try again. The other dog got jumped on, the owners collar broke and there was a minor scrap/ retribution from the aggrieved party. Two upset owners. No damage done. 1 in a year.

Not sure what I think of this club now??
Be tempted to find one where "dogs under control" is considered of higher importance - & kids - where were the parents?

When we started in beginners, we got the "none of these dogs will want to be jumped on" Lecture

To be fair ALL the dogs in our particular class would have liked nothing better than to run around jumping on each other - but guessing that was the exception

On a brighter note apart from some barking mads behaved very well so I was pleased with her at least!
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