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APDT Supports Ban On Shock Collars

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Dogsey Junior
Joined: Jan 2008
Posts: 34
15-02-2008, 05:14 PM
I would like to see a ban on these collars everywhere.
I have seen where people have taken their dogs for training and I don't know if they knew these places were using shock collars on their pets. In Chicago trainer Ami Moore was acquitted of animal cruelty. She had a shock collar on a little dog and kept shocking the poor little guy, he was screaming and crying, he peed and poop all over himself and she continued to shock him. I would like to shock her. Yet she got away with it and continues to train dogs. We should make some changes, dogs are considered property,
that should change, we should be called their guardians not owners. We need to be their voices. Their is No Excuse for Abuse.

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New Member!
Joined: Aug 2008
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18-08-2008, 07:56 AM
I can understand how many might view the 'shock collars' as 'abusive', but in reality, they are not. (Yes, I know I am going to probably get flack for this stance) but it is my opinion that they are quite useful and beneficial. But more than my sole opinion, let's also look at a few facts as well.

First off, shock collars aren't aptly named for their performance. The 'shock' that is emitted from these collars is not truly a 'shock', but merely a static charge. It is equivalent to when you rub your slippers across a carpet during winter months and then touch your TV. Your get a little 'zap', but for the dog, it is more about getting their attention than it is about pain. Even people are startled when scared back to attention, and fear works well. If we deny the power of this instinct, we deny the animals that we are, and this is the same for the dog. We are animals, (yes with a brain stem and cognitive thinking, but we are also primates...animals) and so are they.

I will say that I will never again wear myself out trying to train my dog any other way. Not only is better for my consistency, but better for my dog as well since I am not stressed and he learns quickly what behavior is acceptable, and understands what is expected of him. When a dog knows what is expected from him, he feels more confident and connected to his owner.

Lastly, you can use anything or any tool for abusive purposes. A dish towel, a hammer, and even water are all useful things, but they can also be used for various evil, and this is the same for any tool or device you can name, I'm sure. The shock collar is a quick, effective method of training and when applied properly creates less stress overall for dog and trainer alike. I hope you respect my viewpoint...the law does, and I am sure they hav put much research into this approach. Let's not act too hastily in condemining something that really can be an asset, instead of the percieved myth that is only something 'bad'.
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