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CSI Dogs join search for missing man in Jersey

Man's best friend - hope they find him alive..

Two specialist search dogs have been brought from the UK to Jersey to join the ongoing hunt for the missing 20-year-old Adrian Lynch.

The dogs, also known as victim recovery dogs, are trained to pick up the scent of blood and bodies.

Mr Lynch has been missing since he was dropped off by a taxi on 5 December after an office Christmas party.

The dogs and their handlers will be searching areas of St Lawrence and surrounding parishes over the weekend.

In a statement Jersey police said: "Officers believe he got out of the taxi, became disoriented, perhaps suffered hypothermia and has got himself into situation he then couldn't get out of.

"It's likely Adrian has curled up in a ball somewhere, perhaps with his suit jacket over his head and search teams, as yet, have been unable to find him.

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20-12-2015, 10:41 AM
These news stories are always so light on actual facts, he's been missing since the 5th so doubt there's much chance of survival tbh. He got a cab from the office party but didn't get taken to the front door, isn't that odd? What's the point of getting a cab if it doesn't take you all the way?
His parents must be worried sick and fearing the worst, every parents worst nightmare.
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