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21-06-2017, 05:54 PM

Big dog aggressive play with little dog

My daughter moved in with me and then brought a year old dog into the house who was supposed to be a golden retriever mix. Turns out he is about 95% husky and at 65 lbs. and 18 months is becoming too much for me and my smaller dog to take.

He needs lots of exercise and play, but was born without functional hip sockets so cannot be taken for runs or long walks. He plays well with my 17 lbs. papillon mix for a few minutes and then gets so rough he hurts her. He constantly 'mouths' her all over and she is wet with saliva all the time. He goes too far and then she cries and hides. It is breaking my heart.

She enjoys playing with him but he seems to be getting more aggressive with her and she has no peace because of his constant 'worrying' her. She has even gone to the bathroom on the deck because he harasses her too much in the yard to do her business.

He has a sweet personality but whines and yelps incessantly which I guess is a husky vocalization trait that drives me crazy,

My daughter works long hours so isn't a lot of help. How can I give him what he needs and protect my dog! He doesn't allow me any play time with her anymore, as he just pushes her aside and takes over.

I love him, but despair of being able to live with him. Is there anything I can do? When we're both gone, he is confined to her bedroom as I will not leave them alone. Would obedience school help!
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