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Dogsey Veteran
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Location: Suffolk, England
Joined: Dec 2006
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02-09-2015, 05:01 PM
Originally Posted by griff View Post
Oh Harvey (((Hugs))), i am so very very sorry you have been so ill take it slow and steady and hopefully you will be back to full strength soon
Thanks Griff, I hope you are feeling good today also.

Originally Posted by brenda1 View Post
Oh poor you. Get well soon. Do any of us know what normal is.
Thanks Brenda (My brother says I've never been 'normal' )

Originally Posted by tawneywolf View Post
Aw Harvey, any idea how your knee managed to do that to you. So very glad you survived the ministrations of the NHS and you're back with us. Was only wondering the other night where you were, hoping to hear from you very soon. Stuff that we would have got over pretty quickly once upon a time now seems to take ages to disappear and for us to feel ourselves again,won't say normal,because who knows
No one seems to know, the consultant said sometimes we never find out how these 'nasties' get into our blood.

Originally Posted by Lacey10 View Post
Great to have you back HARVEY
Sorry you've been poorly but thank goodness you are on the mend.Energy levels will come back no doubt,just need to get plenty of rest and TLC for now
I'm sure the Doglets were glad to see you home Big get well (( hugs)) on the way,take care xxxx
Thanks Eileen, feeling better today and even back to eating a 'normal' size portion, that's about four times what they give you in hospital

Originally Posted by Nippy View Post
Oh Harvey so sorry to hear that you have been so poorly. I wonder how that happened then.
I'm sure your energy levels will soon return. You just take care of yourself.
If you need your own private nurse to tend to you just shout
Ha ha, that made me smile Jenny, and I must tell you I was thinking of you when the consultant came round, I'm sure you've seen the scene many times in your past life, he at the front followed by various senior and junior and trainee doctors, he gives a statement, the entourage make notes, (Of course no one dares to question his judgement ) and then they move on, leaving the nurses to get on with actually doing what needs to be done (Sorry if that sounds a tad cynical, but that's exactly how it went )

Originally Posted by Sue L View Post
Sorry to hear you have not been well. Hope you will soon be back to "normal" in a very short time. It seems to be the norm go into hospital and come out with no appetite. It has taken Barry over a week this time to feel anything like eating a near normal meal. He was only just back to a normal meal routine (9 weeks from discharge the second time) then he went in for his op You will get there it just seems to take longer as we get older.
Thanks Sue, I'm afraid I missed Barry going in again although I knew it was imenent, give him my regards.

Originally Posted by Lynn View Post
Hello Harvey so sorry you have been so unwell.
Good to hear they have diagnosed and sorted the problem and you are back home with the OH and the dogs. Who I am sure were glad to have you back.
Hoping the energy and the appetite return soon and you feel better soon.
Thanks Lynn, yes today I felt more like my 'normal' self, eating better as well.

Originally Posted by Meg View Post
Good to see you back Harvey
Thanks Meg

Originally Posted by gordon mac View Post
Sorry to hear of your bout of septicemia, nasty thing that. Hopefully all this is now behind you and that your health and vigour and especially appetite will return forthwith. Wondered where you'd got to.
Best wishes Harvey to you and yours - from me and mine!
Bye fer now. G.
Thanks Gordon.

Again, a big thanks to all of you, I saw my doctor this afternoon and she is pleased with my progress. Took yet more blood and I have an outpatient visit at the hospital next Wednesday 9th. by which time I hope (and expect) to be firing on all cylinders and now that the nights are drawing in I'll likely have more time on here and not in the garden Was able to take the hounds for decent walk today, was a bit knackered when I got back but as we all know in all our houses 'Dogs must have their exercise'

See you soon.
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Dogsey Veteran
Lynn is offline  
Location: Upwell, Norfolk.
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02-09-2015, 05:05 PM
Good to hear from you Harvey and pleased things are going in the right direction.
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tawneywolf is offline  
Location: Bolton
Joined: Feb 2006
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02-09-2015, 05:45 PM
Lovely you've got them out on a walk, may be knackered but makes you feel so much better inside doesn't it. Hoping you keep on the right side of it all now.
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