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04-01-2018, 04:53 AM

Parvo Recovery

Hello. My girlfriend and I have recently purchased a brother and sister Yorkshire Terriors. The girl seemed to be the runt of the litter whereas the boy is quite a bit larger than her.

We finally figured out that the girl was diagnosed with Parvo after two failed diagnosisís at a different vet clinic.

Anyways she was showing signs of Parvo for nearly three days until she started to get the treatment she needed.

She is out of the hospital and is doing much better now. We have had her in our care out of the hospital for roughly 5 days now. We are having a very hard time getting her to drink water and sometimes eat. When she eats she eats very little. We are feeding her purated Science Diet puppy food along with a milk replacement as the Vet suggested. Today she hardly had two bites of it. As for the water situation - she drank water fine before she got in the hospital. We are giving her a small syringe of water about every 2 hours when we can to know she is at least getting it. Is there anything we should be doing different because her appetite hasnít improved at all since we got her back. We try to keep her active just a little bit because she tends to tire easily and just wants to cuddle all the time.

Another concern of ours is that we had the brother out of the house for about a week so we could clean the house with bleach. He is now back in a separate room and we wash our hands and change our clothes every time we swap between the two puppies. He was with her the whole time she had Parvo, slept with her as well as would lick her throw up. He is still showing no signs of the disease and we are curious how concerned we should be with him getting the disease as we really donít have anyone else who can care for him.

We would appreciate any thoughts/comments. Thank you in advance.
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