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29-12-2017, 02:09 AM

Looking for low fat food recommendations

This is a bit long winded, so please bear with me.

Sky, our 9yr old Papillon unspayed bitch, developed a mammary lump. At the vet they said it shouldn't be a problem to surgically remove. So we made an appointment for the op. Almost as an afterthought they said at 9 years, and she's on the chubby side, shall we do pre-op bloods? OK go ahead, we said.

Op day comes around, and early morning we got a call saying they can't do the op, her blood results aren't normal. After a lot of blood tests and an ultrasound the results are:

She has an extremely high level of lipids (fat and cholesterol) in her blood. No idea what's causing it, but so far have ruled out thyroid problems, fatty liver, kidney problems and ovary problems. A bile test came back showing her bile acids reduced after eating, which isn't supposed to happen.

During all this, the lump is growing. Only slowly, but I'm worrying. In order to have the op we have to somehow drastically reduce the fat in her blood.

So I'm looking for a low low fat wet food. There are prescription varieties, but little miss picky will only eat those if she's starving and the vet wants regular, small meals. Looking for something with fat less than 8% if possible.
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