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03-01-2017, 02:01 PM

Australian Shepherd Puppy Showing Aggression

Hello! I have a 9 month old Aussie Puppy who is just the sweetest, most loving girl to me and almost anyone she encounters. Lately though, I've noticed her displaying signs of fear aggression. For example, at a friend's house someone walked past us in the dark backyard at night and her reaction was to lunge at him. Luckily she was on a leash, so I didn't see how that would have played out. My friend approached us and once she recognized him my puppy was happy as could be. Another example, my friends brother was over and my puppy (her name is Reece) greeted him and was happy to see him. He went upstairs and followed him then Reece returned downstairs to chew on a bone and hang out with me. When my friends brother came back downstairs, my other dog started barking at him suddenly for some reason and Reece (my Aussie) jumped off the couch and ran over and jumped up and nipped his arm. She put a hole in his jacket and scratched his arm with her teeth. I'm confused why she is suddenly showing these very reactive signs and trying to figure out if this something others have dealt with?

Also, when I take her on walks and to the park she is extremely friendly to people and approaches them and licks their hands. She is *mostly* trained out of the jumping on people in excitement when they come over, but sometimes still exhibits that also. But as I said earlier, she is very loving and affectionate to the majority of people.

I've started to see a behavioral trainer with her but want to hear advice from others as well. Thank you!
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13-01-2017, 11:46 PM
Your puppy is going through adolescence which entails 2nd fear period, rush of hormones and the testing of what she can get away with. Keep working on her obedience, give her plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Keep her on a lead when friends and excitement are expected so she cannot practice nipping people.

Hope your trainer only uses positive reinforcements methods, and choke chains, shock collars, smacking, shouting and other aversive methods are not allowed.

Don't get discouraged by setbacks, they are part of the process. With patience, kindness and determination you should have the pet you've always wanted.
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