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Dogsey Veteran
Lottie is offline  
Location: Sheffield
Joined: Jun 2005
Posts: 7,856
15-07-2006, 10:06 AM
I can totally sympathise with you hun, I know how frustrating it is when you desperately want a dog!

I had to wait 14 years until I was allowed my pup and when I was younger I thought it was very unfair, but now that I have her and am in a position to look after her, I'm SO glad I wasn't allowed before! There's no way I'd have had time.

I've just done A levels and believe me it was a tough struggle to look after Takara and do my A level exams so I agree with your mum when she says you need to concentrate on your schoolwork.

She's not being mean, she's thinking about the welfare of the pup!

Meanwhile, stay active on this forum and meet all the doggies on here! I don't think we have any jindo owners here though...
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Dogsey Senior
Ray is offline  
Location: wimbledon, london
Joined: Jun 2006
Posts: 504
15-07-2006, 10:16 AM
Never having heard of this breed of dog, I looked it up on the net, and must say, they are lovely looking dogs, but it might be best if you waited a while before you got one. Having said this, I expect you will go ahead anyway and get one, so good luck with it
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Dogsey Veteran
Olly is offline  
Location: worthing sussex
Joined: Aug 2005
Posts: 1,759
15-07-2006, 10:57 AM
Hi puppy lover ,have to say that i agree with everybody else ,sorry but i think your mum is giving you really good advise,but i do have a suggestion ,how about being a voulenteer dog walker/kennel maid at you local animal shelter that will help curb your longing for a pup of your own whilst you wait for a more suitable time and also give you olts of hands on experience,which can only be to the good,when you can have your own dog ,good luck
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Dogsey Veteran
Zuba is offline  
Location: uk
Joined: Jul 2006
Posts: 2,235
15-07-2006, 11:08 AM
Hi and welcome to dogsey!

I have to agree with everyone else but Olly suggested dog walking which is a great idea.

It took me years to be in a position to have a dog I am a student and I was working also, but my OH got a new job meaning I could give mine up. You really need a lot of time on your hands especially with a puppy. Zuki is 16 months old and if left for ten seconds alone you can be sure that she has eaten or chewed something she shouldn't have!

You will get the dog of your dreams you just have wait until the time is right and the wait you will find worth while.

Good luck!
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Dogsey Veteran
BrandieSnap is offline  
Location: Hertfordshire, UK
Joined: Sep 2005
Posts: 5,767
15-07-2006, 02:35 PM
Hi, welcome to Dogsey

I understand how frustrating it can be when you want a dog but aren't allowed one Our family dog passed away when I was 10 and I wanted another one since then. My dad had the same concerns as your mum does about who would look after the dog in the day - and they are right It seems unfair but dogs are a big responsibility and you really need to wait until the right time. I finally got my dog when I was 17 - I had left school and was at home all the time. if you get a dog when it is the right time it will be well worth the wait!

While you are waiting you can do loads of research on breeds you like and caring for dogs, training etc. if you love dogs, you will enjoy it
Olly's suggestion of being a volunteer dog walker is a really good idea.

Good luck, sorry that these are not the replies you wanted. I hope you stay at dogsey. It's a great place to chat and learn about dogs, even if you don't have one
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Dogsey Junior
Myth is offline  
Location: UK
Joined: Jul 2006
Posts: 29
15-07-2006, 07:28 PM
I can vouch for the friendliness of this place, even when you don't have a dog. It will take me another year-and-a-half to two years for me to get a dog of my own. Well... half a dog of my own. Please stay and talk to us.
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Dogsey Veteran
Ripsnorterthe2nd is offline  
Location: Co. Durham, UK
Joined: Jan 2005
Posts: 11,213
16-07-2006, 07:15 PM
Sorry but I'm going to agree with everyone else here, something I know you won't be pleased about.

We've always had family dogs (ie belong to everyone) and ever since I was about 7 years old I've wanted one of my own, but my Mam wouldn't let me. Finally she let me when I got to 17 and had finished school and I have to admit she was completely right.

Just be patient and wait til you have the time and money to have a dog, that way it'll reduce the chance of you having to rehome it and you can both have a happy life together.
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Dogsey Veteran
DobieGirl is offline  
Location: HANTS
Joined: Sep 2005
Posts: 5,172
17-07-2006, 12:27 PM
Hi puppy lover. I also had to wait a long time before being in a position to have my own puppy.

And although I did tons of research on the Dobermann and thought I knew what I was expecting, boy was I wrong, sometime they are worse than babies

So dont forget it'll need a lot of attention, toys and bedding, harness, collar, food, excersise, training, washing, expensive vet bills and I'm talking EXPENSIVE. To get Roxy spayed will be 125! Can you really afford all these bits? I think you should holdback, get school out of the way and then think about buying one once your life has calmed down a bit
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New Member!
PuppyLove777 is offline  
Location: U.S.
Joined: Jul 2006
Posts: 4
17-07-2006, 06:53 PM
Originally Posted by PuppyLove777
Ok, so here i go:

Now from the beginning, My first puppy ever was a black lab and i had her for about a year. I was probably 13 at the time. Later we had to give it away b/c we couldnt take care of it so we gave it away to a farmer.

Second, later after a year or half a year my dad brings home 2 Jindos about 3-4 months old, one male and the other female. It was kind of unexpected and it just happend. So we had those two for about a year as well and i found out that we were moving. We were moving from a singlehouse to my cousins townhouse. The reason we were staying at their house was b/c we didnt have a place to stay while we waited for a house to buy. So my mother gave our two jindo's away to the animal shelter. I was probably 14 or 15 at that time.

Now we have moved to a townhouse with a small yard and it has been about 2 years since. I am now going to be 16 and my birthday is in a couple days. I have been wanting a Jindo puppy for about 3-4 weeks now and have been doing alot of research. I already know what it's going to take to raise a puppy and am willing to spend my time to take good care of it and raise it well. I will be a junior in high school next year and my mom says i need to focus on my school work such as college, PSAT, and SATs. I already spoke with her once or twice about it and she said that who will be home to take care of the dog when im in school and my mom and dad are at work? I really want this jindo puppy and don't know how to prove/convince my mom to get me one. PLEASE HELP.

I know it sounds bad that we gave away 3 dogs and I really am alot more mature now and I feel that i can take care of my dog and give it TLC despite school work.

I want this jindo for a friend/companion/family dog, not any show dog or anything fancy like that. But i want it to be healthy. Do you also know of any breeders around the northern Virginia area who have Jindo pups and produce some that look like the one in the picture below?

I am also very lonely, I want a friend.
EDIT: Sorry, if there is a misunderstanding but this dog is suppose to be like a family pet as well and i wont be paying for all the expenses although i may pay for food and little things. My parents would take care of all the medical bills and such.

I also talked to my mom and she said if we could a small dog then we could definately take care of it.

So i looked around and found that yorkies or westies are nice, but i cant seem to find any in the VA area for adoption or let alone to buy from any breeders. It would be nice if it was a puppy too. My mom said only if it was from an adoption or rescue center.

I have about $320 right now and will be getting about maybe another $100 soon so i was wondering if [I]I[I] myself could pay for it. I did want to save it for something else, but.....

Could you help find me a westie or yorkie breeder?

P.S. I also saw a puppy of a Fourche Terrier (Westie/Yorkie mix) It is so cute and I'm wondering if any of you know of any people that breed these in the Virginia area.
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