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Dogsey Senior
-GreyhoundGirl- is offline  
Location: Eh? North Canada
Joined: May 2007
Posts: 465
07-06-2007, 07:50 PM

Fear of Thunderstorms

I reasearched this a while ago for my whimpy little girl and thought it might be helpful for some people. Fear of thunderstorms is common and sometimes quite difficult to fix. Here are some suggestions to help you dog until you can get more serious help.

*Turn on some music or TV to mask the noises until the storm is over.

*Ask your vet about medications to help your dog through it.

*Keep all doors and gates closed so that your dog cannot escape. Trying to escape is a common reaction to thrunderstapms.

*Keep the windows covered (and closed!) so he can't see out the window.

*Don't crate or confine him, he might panic in small spaces.

*Don't leave him outside in a storm

*Rub his coat with a fabric softener dryer sheet thingy to decrease static. Dogs learn to associate this with storms.

*If your dog likes the car try lettting him "ride out" in the car. (I didn't try this one because Jenny doesn't care about the car much)

*Make sure you ignore his fear. Don't cuddle or coddle him, just be confident like tehers nothing to worry about, ( even if you're a bit worried yourself )

You can work on desensitizing after, these are just suggestions for your first storm and such, not for perminent use.
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Dogsey Veteran
zoeybeau1 is offline  
Location: N.I
Joined: Jan 2007
Posts: 6,832
07-06-2007, 08:10 PM
thanx for that im sure some of these may be usefull thanx for sharing,but i wouldnt leave mine out in a thunderstorm il make sure there securely in there beds,but some of our members dogs might be affraid and they might find them usefull to xx thanx for sharing xx
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Dogsey Senior
borzoimom is offline  
Location: Virginia
Joined: May 2007
Posts: 268
07-06-2007, 08:29 PM
GOOD POST MICHY! I will try the fabric softener sheet on hottie next time. He doesnt like them, but you can see the static in his coat.. Very interesting!
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Dogsey Veteran
hectorsmum is offline  
Location: Derbyshire.....the walking county
Joined: Jul 2004
Posts: 1,982
07-06-2007, 08:58 PM
good advice.

now what about me, i'm terrified of storms, valium or vodka LOL!!!!
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Dogsey Veteran
GSD-Sue is offline  
Location: Birmingham UK
Joined: Mar 2007
Posts: 2,414
08-06-2007, 12:38 PM
Wish I'd known about the static thing with my last bitch she was terrible with thunder & fireworks, but with thunder she started trying to dig up the settee a good half hour before the storm could be heard, useful for getting washing in but not for trying to help her as it must have been a change in atmosphere she sensed, I thought at first it was just that her hearing was more acute but she was just as bad with thunder after she became partially deaf, though it made the fireworks much easier. Perhaps the static was part of it. Fortunately Dax has no fear of thunder as my tv thats not through the arial goes off as soon as it thunders & soon we're not going to have that choice.
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