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Dogsey Junior
charlew is offline  
Location: United Kingdom
Joined: Nov 2013
Posts: 90
18-01-2020, 06:49 PM

My dog died

My darling springer spaniel Justin had to be pts at the vets last week, I'd had him since he was a puppy; he's left a void the size of a Black Hole. Justin: 8/10/04 - 11/01/20.
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Dogsey Veteran
Chris is offline  
Location: Lincolnshire
Joined: Jun 2006
Posts: 9,036
19-01-2020, 12:18 AM
It's the hardest thing we ever do and yet the kindest.

Most of us here know that 'black hole'. It's the worst <big hugs>.

Run free Justin. Shine down brightly while you wait at the Bridge xx
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Dogsey Veteran
Blonderosie is offline  
Location: Bury Lancs UK
Joined: Aug 2012
Posts: 1,613
19-01-2020, 08:28 PM
So sorry for your loss of your much loved dog.
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Dogsey Senior
Dibbythedog is offline  
Location: Middlesex
Joined: Oct 2006
Posts: 834
20-01-2020, 12:53 AM
Im so sorry to hear this . It breaks your heart when a beloved pet dies.
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Dogsey Veteran
Moyra is offline  
Location: Essex, U.K.
Joined: Jan 2013
Posts: 10,060
09-02-2020, 08:30 PM
We all recognize the heartbreak you feel and our love goes out to you. It is true that to allow your pet to be pts is the hardest decision you have to make and yet it is the depth of the love you have for that animal the kindest act you can ever do. God be with you and your lost pet. God bless.
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Dogsey Veteran
Crysania is offline  
Location: Syracuse, NY USA
Joined: May 2008
Posts: 1,848
02-03-2020, 05:54 PM
Yup, sadly we all know this hole all too well. I lost my best girl last August. Sending lots of love.
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Dogsey Junior
Jcarpentier is offline  
Location: USA
Joined: Apr 2012
Posts: 147
27-04-2020, 05:54 PM
I have felt that void too as our beloved Copper crossed the Rainbow Bridge in December 2017. We have since gotten another dog and will add yet another to our household on Saturday.

You have a bigger heart for having loved a dog. A new dog does not fill the void left but expands the heart making room to love again.

I am sorry for your loss.
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