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31-05-2019, 07:18 PM

does my dog have an ear infection?

hi i have a 5 year old chi and im wondering if he has an ear infection? a couple of days ago i gave him a bath and he was doing really well, but yesterday he started acting weird, hiding under the bed and making a little yelp noise when i pick him up, which is when i started to get worried cuz he never does that, he also wont lay his head down unless he props it up on something. at first i did not think ear infection seeing how he yelped when i picked him up, but today while i was feeding him some wet food he started tilting his head and acting scared but there was nothing in the room with us, i tryed to comfort him but he went and hid:hmm he was leaning his head and then looking back at his tail then he started shaking, i am really starting to get worried. i called his vet and they are double booked untill monday and i called some other vets around me but they are all booked and i cant get him in today. im not sure what it is and im not to sure on what to do but he is going to the vet on monday at 2:00, which is as soon has they could get me in. i dont know if my german shepherd may have gotten to rough while playing or what. is there anything i can do for him untill he gets to the vet. does this sound anything like in ear infection?:
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31-05-2019, 10:36 PM
Did any water get in her ears by any chance? If she'll let you you could try drying inside the ears with cotton wool.

It does though sound like an ear infection.
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