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Almost a Veteran
tinkladyv is offline  
Location: leicester uk
Joined: Aug 2007
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25-08-2007, 12:51 PM
Originally Posted by Olly View Post
Hi all ,hope sombody can help ,i know we all have occasional problems with even adult dogs eating poo ,but our 12 weeks old border collie seems to hsve a mania for it liturally as soon as she's done it she eats it :smt001 uck !!,ive tried staying with her while she gos ,and taking her away ,while praising her for doing it ,ive tried calling her excitedly ,and giving her atreat when she comes ,but either she takes the treat and then runs back to eat the poo or she ignores me untill shes eaten it whats also interesting is that she has yet to go while were on a walk ,she has had an occasional wee while out ,but no poo ,i had hoped that by praising gemma when she go and walks away ruby would realise whats required but it does'nt seem to be the case any suggestions would br gratfully apprieated,mist add someone suggested putting her lead on everytime she gos but thats not practical as she gos at odd times .
I had exactly the same problem with my collie pup, but a complete raw diet seems to have sorted that problem out!
Hope that helps.
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Dogsey Veteran
morganstar is offline  
Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire
Joined: Aug 2006
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25-08-2007, 12:55 PM
Mentioned it too my vets when I got Bronwyn he did say although it was disgusting it was nothing to worry about....yuck
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New Member!
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Location: Yorkshire, UK
Joined: May 2009
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07-08-2009, 11:43 AM

This is fairly common in puppies up to a year old, but can occur at any time during a dog's lifetime.

It becomes a (bad) habbit if left unchecked. Apart from being anti-social, it can actually pass on diseases to your puppy - that's why it's really important to ensure your puppy is up to date with his vaccinations and worming treatments.

Potential Reasons:

- It tastes good - (yuk!);

- Your puppy is anxious, stressed, or simply bored;

- Vitamin or mineral deficiency;

- If your puppy misunderstands being punished for pooping in the home, he may be 'hiding the evidence' by eating his poo;

- He could be just 'cleaning' his space;

- Puppy is overfed - his food doesn't digest properly, therefore his poop will still small and taste like his dinner!

- If he's only fed once a day, he may become hungry and scavenge for food, ie he may eat his own poo because he's hungry;

- Is he on medication? This may cause your puppy to eat his poo;

- Have you recently changed his diet? This also could be the reason.

- Underlying medical problem.

How To Stop It

Try one or combine several of the methods listed below:

- Feed well balanced and nutritious meals;

- Feed twice a day, and at regular times, rather than once a day;

- Always keep your dog's living and playing area clear of feces;

- Toys to keep your dog occupied;

- Plenty of exercise and training to stimulate him both physically and mentally;

- Teach him the 'Leave It' command - see

- Try a tablespoon of crushed pineapple in his food

- Your pet shop may sell a specially formulated product to help stop this.

- As soon as your dog has finished pooping, call him over to you and praise and reward him. You are then rewarding desired behaviour, ie not eating the poo.

- Your vet would be able to eliminate any underlying medical problems that may be causing your dog to eat poo.

The good news is that they will eventually grow out of it!

Hope this helps.
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