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New Member!
airam is offline  
Location: Canada
Joined: Dec 2017
Posts: 7
03-04-2018, 03:27 AM

Puppy Bonding Problems & Biting

Hi all!
I have an almost 6 month male Schnoodle who I love to bits but struggling to manage. He was a handful when we first got him especially in regards to biting and listening. I know I compared him to my beloved old dog that I had for 15 years (best dog ever!!!) in the beginning (which I swore I wouldn't do). Anyways, my boy is very active, loves to play, house training well and very smart. Unfortunately, he remains very hyper, never seems to stop , jumps on everyone, hates car rides and not cuddly at all. I socialized him very well, took him to training, handled him a lot, gave him tons of affection but he is still very mouthy with us. He slept in a crate for a month, then on our bed for a about a month but now just wants to sleep on the floor at the end of the bed. Sometimes alone in the hallway. He never cuddles with us and will sleep as far away as possible. When we play he just wants to bite. When we hold him he giggles out of our arms and growls for us to put him down. We walk him a lot, play with him & give him loads of attention. He has more toys, treats, & time that any dog could want. We are struggling to bond with him like we did with our old fur baby. This makes us all a little sad.. I know every dog is different & have a unique personality but we got another dog so we could with, take care of, take for rides, enjoy & cuddle! My 11 year old yearns to interact with him but besides playing & biting us he does not want much else! When I look at pics of my old dog I miss him more than ever & wonder if we did something wrong with this one? We are getting him neutered in a few weeks so wondering if that will bring some changes? We do love him a lot and will never give up...just wondering what else we can do?
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Dogsey Veteran
Gnasher is offline  
Location: East Midlands, UK
Joined: Mar 2006
Posts: 8,775
03-04-2018, 06:58 AM
Don't try so hard for starters!! In addition, the very fact that you yourself are totally aware of the fact that you are making comparisons with your previous dog will mean that your Schnoodle will have picked up on this from the very first second he met you!! Dogs are acutely wired in to our thoughts - not by some magical telepathy - but by our body language. They are ACE at reading us via this. He will be picking up your angst and this will make him feel unsettled and rejected by his "pack".

My advice would be to chill, relax, give him time and his own space. Try not to get into situations - like cuddling him - where he feels the need to bite - clearly you cannot allow him to bite you even in play, at 6 months he can inflict damage and should be getting through the puppy biting stage by now. If he is not put into such situations in the first place then there will be no need for any negative responses from you.

To sum up ... back off and let him come to you. He will, he may just be a dog who likes his own company and space - we had a dog who hated to be petted and cuddled, so we didn't pet and cuddle him. We adored him and the feeling was mutual, the best dog we ever had and I still miss him to bits. Good luck and welcome to Dogsey!!
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Dogsey Veteran
Trouble is offline  
Location: Romford, uk
Joined: Feb 2006
Posts: 14,264
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03-04-2018, 12:23 PM
Ok I've read your post 3 times now and don't know what the problem is except he's hyper and doesn't like cuddles. Have I missed the point?
Shall I introduce you to my black Pug? They're lazy love cuddles etc except she's as mad as a box of frogs, hates to be cuddled but will sneak up for a snuggle on her terms, hates to be handled at all.
I have 5 Pugs and while they're all different she is very different, personality wise she's more like a terrier but she's pure Pug, just nothing like the others.
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Dogsey Veteran
Besoeker is offline  
Location: Dunstable UK
Joined: Oct 2016
Posts: 1,957
04-04-2018, 08:07 PM
Originally Posted by Gnasher View Post
My advice would be to chill, relax, give him time and his own space.
Totally agree.
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