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20-06-2011, 09:34 AM
Originally Posted by Rolosmum View Post
The one we are using is a fish4dogs one at the moment, do remember seeing another brand that came in i think slightly cheaper but cant remember what it was!

I have just clicked today though that i have been double dosing them and giving them the recommended dose on both of their meals a day!!! So as of today we have changed that.

I would say the fish4dogs is like a wine box and a bit hard to get a small dose out of making it virtually impossible to get a 5ml spoonful, squirted over and onto floor no matter how delicately i tried! So going to give a squirt of around 10ml on just one meal a day!
We've got the wine box one, and I saw there being an issue with regards to the correct amounts etc (not that it's as hard for me having two biggun's), so I've saved a used handwash bottle, and am going to wash it thoroughly and use that to see if it's any better
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