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20-07-2019, 08:07 PM
Originally Posted by griff View Post
they will hopefully come fetch him...if not he can just stay here

Another creature who will find a good home with you

Bruno grabbed a box of 'Growmore' from a shelf in the conservatory tonight carried it (upside down) through the living room, along the hall, and out onto the front garden, luckily the lid only fell open when he was on the lawn, that bit of grass will grow like crazy now I don't think he ate any of it so it was just the smell that he was interested in.

Thanks so much for the tip about the orange juice, Alena bought a big carton today and it makes it easier to get close to the 2 litres a day I'm supposed to be on. Don't know why I didn't think of it before 'cos I do like orange juice. Have given up tea except maybe one in the morning.

I'm missing some of the chat on here because still tired and even exhausted.

So good wishes to all, hope things will be better in comming days, I'll look in when ever I can.
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Dogsey Veteran
griff is offline  
Joined: Feb 2005
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20-07-2019, 08:33 PM
Harvey, you will feel wiped out...I still find trying to hoover the living room an epic task ( and I don't live in a huge house like Gordon Mac) and even a flight of stairs is something I will avoid at all costs. I didn't know about the orange juice until the gp told my dad as he suffers with severe aneamia. I know I really shouldn't laugh at Bruno but he reminds me of Kota! She ate a bag of dog and cat repellent was garlic based, the vets thought it was utterly hilarious as clearly they are a crap repellent, she was lucky she had eaten which stopped it absorbing quickly and gave her a jab to throw up. Hoping tomorrow finds you a little less exhausted xx
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Dogsey Veteran
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20-07-2019, 10:29 PM
Aw Harvey. It's awful to get so wiped out. Hopefully, things will get better as you go along.

Bruno sounds a hoot. Just think, you could have had very deep pile carpet had he spilt it in the living room

Dave is much, much better today although his breathing is a bit rough (he always gets that until he's back to normal). He did manage our full walk though today so things are on the up.

I really must start thinking about getting my tax return done. I always put it off and always regret doing so.

Kazz, my sister is still working through her grief by spending as much time as possible doing the garden. It's two big gardens and they were my brother-in-law's pride and joy - a real showpiece. Although she loves getting out there as she says she doesn't get much time to think about her loss, I think it will become a real burden to her because she has arthritis in her spine so it's only a matter to time before it becomes too much for her. It would really break her heart if they started to get untidy
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