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11-04-2016, 01:00 PM

Too distracted to go potty

My dog will be a year old next week. He's house trained however lately he's too distracted when I take him out to potty. He normally will have to poop in the morning and at night. I will take him out and walk him around telling him to potty, then a car goes by or a bird makes noise, or some leaves blow around, and it's like he forgot why he's outside. We can be out for 15 mins sometimes and I finally come back in, only 5 mins later he's begging to go out again. A few times he has let some poop drop in the house (not all of it just a little slips out ya know.). He's not allowed to be outside alone because he runs away and we really don't use his outside kennel much because we don't have a dog house or any toys out there yet and he just digs holes. It's still cold here and I'm tired of standing in the cold and snow and rain and I'm just staring st cars! When it's nice enough out (not below 0 or very high winds) I walk him a mile in the morning and afternoon, and also wander some at each potty break and we play fetch and do tricks and such inside to tire him out. I try to keep these potty breaks boring, just wandering slowly in the same area so he doesnt think he can keep asking to go out and play. Also he just got neutered and isn't supposed to be running and doing too much exercise, so I've cut out the walks for a few days.

Should I start giving him treats again when he goes? Maybe the distractions won't get to him if he knows food is coming, then we can walk around after he goes. I'm tired of the in and out for an hour before he finally goes. Sometimes he is even getting ready to squat and something catches his attention and we have to start all over!
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