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25-06-2010, 04:52 PM
The budget will affect me in ways im not sure of so far! I know it sounds daft, but the limit on earnings for Working Family Tax Credit may or maynot affect me.

I work for the county council and have just gone through an equal pay review (which is such a farce its untrue!) and have already lost about 1000 off my wage. Add to this the threat of mass redundancies and lower pensions etc!

Im about to be off work to have a baby and with my hubby's wage and mine we currently hit the 40k mark, but we cant afford the childcare for me to go back full time so once i return we wont hit that mark, HOWEVER because our department are appealing our Equal Pay review result our wage may go we may be near that mark again! its all very much up in the air.

I think what annoys me the most, is that the general public thing of public sector as lazy, got it easy, work little for lots of pay etc etc...but those on the lower level earnings work damn hard for their money, often doing the work of 2 people due to office cuts. In our council, we have vastly overpaid cheif execs etc but seen as they decide how to adminster the budget, they wont cut their own wage! IT falls to all us lot at the bottom of the food chain!

This combined with the fact it was the banks that put us in this situation yet WE have to pay for it!!! how is that fair????

grrr rant over!
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