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Dog Fleas and Treatments

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New Member!
Joined: Mar 2017
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17-03-2017, 12:49 AM
Great! This is what I need. I need fleas treatment since I have this kind of problem. Thanks for sharing!
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New Member!
Joined: Mar 2017
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17-03-2017, 06:38 AM
Thank you for all of the information this would help mo to know better what happening to a dog suffering flea and ticks.
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Dogsey Junior
Joined: Jul 2014
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18-02-2019, 03:46 AM
Interesting read.
I had a problem with Fleas twice in my 30+ years of being owned by sometimes as many as 48 adult K9's.
Both times I used Diatomaceous Earth, BalsamPine sprigs, WhiteSpruce and BlackSpruce Sprigs and dried WormWood leaves and stems. This was the bedding. It was routinely -40*C at night. My dogs are all outdoor dogs. Actually sleddogs that would rather sleep on top their house than in it.
So the combination of (what most people consider extreme) cold and the bedding killed all them little buggrs(fleas) and their eggs which are good for up to an entire week of cold down to -20*C.
And for ticks, WormWood and BalsamPine boiled for 4mins in water then cooled and bottled for a week then strained and spritzed.
I dislike chemicals.
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