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lunarbelle is offline  
Location: Massachusetts, USA
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14-06-2017, 06:29 PM

Female pit suddenly attacking house mate

This is very hard for me to write, but I need some serious advice. I have two pitbull mixes, both girls, one is 4 years old and the other one is 9. Up until a few months ago both have been very respectful of one another, however the younger one has always been iffy with other dogs. She is a rescue and I don't know her genetic history or how she was raised the first few months of her life. Both have been trained, are obedient, and get plenty of structure and exercise. Recently the 4 year old has been attacking my older female. I suspected the older female had a thyroid issue and wondered if there was a correlation, but blood work revieled everything is normal. My younger female has also been checked from the vet with a clean bill of health. They never fight when they're alone. When they do fight, it's always when I'm present. The younger dog will give a very quick warning signal, like a hard state, but by the time I reach them she's already latched on. She is relentless but luckily does little harm to my older dog. I have access to a trainer, but I'm not sure how she will help since it seems like the younger one is acting purely in the heat of the moment. She knows leave it but this command is useless when she's latched on. I love them both dearly and want advice on how I can manage them better. Keeping them separated at all times is my last resort, but I'm prepared to do that if it's the only way to keep them safe. Any advice is appreciated.
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15-06-2017, 10:43 AM
So she's well trained, knows "Leave it" but ignores it. She may know what it means but she isn't doing it, so how does that equate to well trained?She requires more training, you say you have access to a trainer, so use them. You won't know how they can help until you try. You shouldn't have to reach her to restrain her when she kicks off she should respond to a verbal command or a distraction technique. Ignore tommy87 his advice is the same in every thread, talk to your trainer and start training before the situation escalates.
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Dogsey Junior
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Location: Durham UK
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18-06-2017, 10:06 AM
When bitches start to fight all the training in the world will not stop them. You are doomed to keep them separate for the rest of their life. I presume they are spayed!!!
I have experience of this. The older dog was eventually injured so seriously that I had her PTS. It was one or the other.
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