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Is this Britain's naughtiest dog?

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Dogsey Veteran
Joined: Mar 2006
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01-02-2015, 01:20 PM
It's very interesting Myra, and something I have not thought about before ... the idea of dogs just being plain naughty for the sake of it, for fun. This to me would have been anthropomorphising them, something which I dislike to do. My wolfies have all been very destructive, but only if left alone, or forced to sleep alone. when we first rescued Tai about 7 or so years ago, we were out on the front drive talking to our neighbours and made the mistake of leaving Tai in the hallway. He ripped 3 deep gauges in our beautiful mahogany front door, all about 5 inches long and perfectly parallel to each other. They are about half a centimetre deep. He did this in just 15 or 20 minutes. We should have known better, it was totally our fault.

Hal as a little wee pup aged 8 weeks crapped all over our kitchen for 3 solid weeks and ripped right through our kitchen door before we gave in and accepted that he had to sleep with us.

With the spitz breeds, or northern breeds as I less accurately describe them, you really do have to roll with the punches, be prepared to think outside of the box, be prepared to unlearn everything you thought you knew about dogs. They are so smart, so clever, they can read your thoughts - my friend Tawneywolf calls her 2 original Utonagans the NORTIES ... opposed to the NAUGHTIES ... as an acknowledgement to their extreme uniqueness!
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Dogsey Junior
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01-02-2015, 04:47 PM
Wonder what food he is on.
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