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Dogsey Veteran
Mahooli is offline  
Location: Poodle Heaven!
Joined: Dec 2006
Posts: 14,297
14-03-2007, 08:36 PM
I hope they catch them, not only because of the unbelievable cruelty but it's a well known fact that those that abuse animals in this way go on to be violent towards people as well.
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Dogsey Veteran
Hevvur is offline  
Location: Preston, Lancashire
Joined: Sep 2004
Posts: 8,648
14-03-2007, 09:27 PM
Originally Posted by patterlands View Post
no this a new story,it was on the news tonight
The link you posted is from 2006.

Last Updated: Monday, 20 February 2006, 15:02 GMT

Dog tied to tree and burned alive
The RSPCA has branded an incident in which a dog was tied to a tree and burnt alive near a Birmingham golf course as "sickening".

The charred remains of a Staffordshire bull terrier were discovered at the edge of Handsworth Golf Club.
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Dogsey Veteran
muttzrule is offline  
Location: Texas, USA
Joined: Feb 2007
Posts: 3,620
15-03-2007, 02:27 AM
I'm crying. How aweful. That poor dog. someone should tie them up, gag them and burn them to death.
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Dogsey Veteran
majuka is offline  
Location: Warwickshire
Joined: Nov 2006
Posts: 4,843
15-03-2007, 09:07 AM
I remember seeing this on crimewatch, if I remember rightly they had loads of people offering to contribute towards a reward for catching this evil devil/s .

I'm not sure if they ever did catch those responsible though, I don't remember hearing that they did
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