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Location: Essex, U.K.

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About me

Went to work on a Nursery when I was 14. Married the son of the owner of the Nursery when I was 17 and worked on and off for the nursery during my marriage which lasted 21 years whilst carrying on my professional carreer in Initially banking and then Education with Essex Cty. Council. When my marriage broke up I then went on to buy a Post Office on the south coast and was held up by a bomb holdup. Then suffered a break-in and a second gun hold-up all within 18 months. I lost everything the Post Office, my savings, the lot and had to start from scratch thereafter. And here I am now putting it all behind me............Not easy!

My Interests

Amber then Gardening

Name: Moyra
Male or Female: Female
Type of dog/s owned: Golden Labrador
Prev Breeds owned: Other Labradors German Shepherds Manchester Terrier
Has owned dogs for: More than 20 years!
Dog's owned: 1
Dogs owned over the years: 4 - 6
I have trained dogs to: An intermediate level (10 commands or more)
Believe in using positive training methods?: Yes - but I will raise my voice if I have to
Have you ever shown any of your dogs?: No I do not show
Have you ever bred your dog?: yes - accidental litter
Pet Insurance: No my dogs are not insured
Marital Status: Other
Children / Grandchildren: 1 Son 1 Daughter 1 Grandchild
Drives: Ford Fiesta Zetec
Welcome code: 4602



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