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About me

I am essentially a countryman, living up in the pennines above Saddleworth, Lancs. Married to a very beautiful and equally tolerant wife who is just over half my age. Have a huge love of dogs in general but lurchers in particular. Saw military service in the Guards Brigade. I have a total inability to suffer fools(gladly or any other way) and have a very different and some might say difficult sense of humour. Hold terribly (some might say) right wing views and a very strong view of right and wrong - I don't do shades of grey, things in my life tend to be black or white, to me anyway. I readily acknowledge that I am very much an acquired taste. whether it's a taste worth acquiring would be up to others to say. Love horses but my age makes keeping them again next to impossible.

My Interests

country sports and shows, lurcher racing and showing.

Name: gordon
Male or Female: Male
Type of dog/s owned: lge lurchers &fell terrier
Has owned dogs for: More than 20 years!
Dog's owned: 4
Dogs owned over the years: 25+
I have trained dogs to: A high level (more than 20 different commands)
Believe in using positive training methods?: Yes - but I will raise my voice if I have to
Have you ever shown any of your dogs?: have been for more than 15 years
Have you ever bred your dog?: yes - I am an ethical breeder who breeds an occasional litter to further my breed only
Pet Insurance: No my dogs are not insured
Marital Status: Married
Drives: Hyundai 4wd, County tractor and agricultural machinery.I am



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