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About me

As a kid I was always bringing home animals, but they were always dogs and cats. I've owned rats, mice, ferrets, gerbils, bunnies and hamsters. I love all animals, they're just so much better and more interesting than people. I've become a jack russell terrier person, somehow - I never thought I'd love a small dog so much. Every other dog I've owned has been huge.. I brought a boxer home once, a german shepherd, a pitbull/lab mix, and several other big dogs. I was 16 when I walked into this tiny petstore, with tiny cages and saw her. She was curled up with 2 of her siblings in this itty bitty cage, and I looked at my boyfriend at the time and said "I have to have her I dont care what it costs" and thats how I brought Gracey home. I'm against puppymills and BYB's but the woman that bred Gracey's litter was just a reputable breeder looking to retire to ohio.. God I was so excited and she was so tiny and adorable.. Of course at sixteen I started to think of a story in the car, something sad that would make my mom want to keep her.. I came up with none, I told her the truth, i said something like "she was so cute and tiny, and 300 dollars isnt that much, and sasha needs a friend, and roxxi and rhiley need a buddy too! Please I'll take care of her and love her and squeeze her and she can sleep with me and ill train her to do stuff" and somehow, my mom decided to let me keep her. She's become my best friend over the years, shes about 3 or 4 years old and she sleeps with me and i take her to my friends houses and pretty much anywhere they allow dogs. I've painted her nails [Around the age of 17] and spoiled her to death.. its a miracle she doesnt have small dog syndrome. xD Bella was less complicated. I was 17 or 18 and I was living with this guy downtown, his german shepherd/wolf mix had gotten his neighbors purebred german rot - weight pulling dog pregnant. And thats where i stepped in and took the smallest one laying in the corner next to the fridge.. and 100 lbs later, here we are. Bella has 2 very interested life threatening stories, but i will post them later.

My Interests

Gaming, Walking, Swimming, and Tv :P

Name: Sara
Male or Female: Female
Type of dog/s owned: [JackRussellTerrier][GSD/Mix]
Prev Breeds owned: Pitbull/lab mix GSD Mix Beagle/Border collie mix Beagle/Border collie mix GSD/Border collie mix Chiuahua/Dachshund
Has owned dogs for: 9 to 20 years
Dog's owned: 3
Dogs owned over the years: 6 - 10
I have trained dogs to: A Basic Level (up to 4 commands)
Believe in using positive training methods?: Yes - but I will raise my voice if I have to
Have you ever shown any of your dogs?: No I do not show
Have you ever bred your dog?: no
Pet Insurance: No my dogs are not insured
Marital Status: in LTR
Drives: 91 Camry


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