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About me

When my husband was alive we used to show and breed Rough and Smooth Collies and also work in obedience. Sadly he was killed rescuing our stolen children's pony. Since then I have owned various breeds but only bred one litter with my Doberman and gave up showing and concentrated on obedience. Life has been an uphill struggle but luckily I have been a very positive person that always tries to look ahead. I am still on my own today with my 22yr old daughter who is actually my grandaughter but i have had custody of her since the day she was born and although she knows I'm nan she always calls me mum and I refer to her as my daughter. I lost my last dog a few months ago and because of work commitments have decided it would not be fair to have another at the moment. I do still work with the greyhound rescue though going out with them promoting greyhounds, rehoming them and organising greyhound walks. My only pet now is a cat.

My Interests

Dogs, Jigsaws, Walking, Helping with greyhound Rescue

Name: Bev
Male or Female: Female
Prev Breeds owned: Greyhounds Rottie x GSD Jack Russells Rough Collies, Smooth Collies Border Collie Doberman GSD Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Bearded Collie
Has owned dogs for: More than 20 years!
Dog's owned: None at the moment
Dogs owned over the years: 25+
I have trained dogs to: An intermediate level (10 commands or more)
Believe in using positive training methods?: Yes - but I will raise my voice if I have to
Have you ever shown any of your dogs?: have been for more than 15 years
Have you ever bred your dog?: yes - I am an ethical breeder who breeds an occasional litter to further my breed only
Pet Insurance: Yes my dog/s are insured
Marital Status: Single
Children / Grandchildren: 2 Sons 1 Daughter 4 or more Grandchildren
Drives: Vauxhall Corsa


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