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Dogsey Veteran Elaine is Female


Location: Amongst my dogs, cats and chickens

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About me

My dogs are my life. I used to work full time and still have my dogs, but I had a nasty fall resulting in severe damage to my knee and can no longer work. The good side of this, is I spend so much more time with my dogs!! I am very happily married and my eversuffering husband is my best friend as well as my husband and is eversuffering, and loves the dogs as much as me. Both of us will do anything to keep them safe!! I hate cruelty OF ANY KIND to children or any animal. I am involved with the Anglo Wulfdog breeding programme, trying to better the health of the wolf-look-a-like dog. I plan to breed at least one litter of puppies as I would like to keep at least one. Thanks for reading. xx

My Interests

My Dogs, walking, cats and chickens

Name: Elaine
Male or Female: Female
Type of dog/s owned: GSD, Anglo Wulfdog, Malamute
Prev Breeds owned: Springer Spaniel and Lurcher
Has owned dogs for: More than 20 years!
Dog's owned: 5
Dogs owned over the years: 10 - 15
I have trained dogs to: An intermediate level (10 commands or more)
Believe in using positive training methods?: Yes - but I will raise my voice if I have to
Have you ever shown any of your dogs?: No but am considering it
Have you ever bred your dog?: no - but plan to
Pet Insurance: Yes my dog/s are insured
Marital Status: Married
Drives: Fiat Ducato van


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