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Dog breeds

Terrier Group

The word terrier comes from the Latin terra meaning ‘earth’ and this reflects their propensity to dig and go to ground after vermin. They are splendid ratters and they will also pursue and courageously engage larger quarry such as fox and badger.

With two exceptions, the Cesky and the Australian, the breeds in this Group originated in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Many of the breeds are small, sturdy and nimble as befits their function and the close environment of burrow and den. An indomitable spirit, boldness, feistiness, energy, curiosity, and enthusiasm for life are traits shared by Terriers from the smallest to the largest (the Airedale).

Terriers can be the most charming and engaging companions but their gameness and assertiveness may sometimes mean they require that little bit extra work when it comes to training.

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