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About us


Fancy a dog site with a difference? A useful information resource, where each breed is treated with the respect it deserves? A site that's easy to navigate and easy on the eye? Above all, a website which hosts a unique community that YOU can be a part of?

Well, you've found it!

Dogsey was created in 2004, for dog lovers everywhere. But what is a dog lover?

Simply put, a dog lover is someone who cares about dogs - and because dogs can't speak human, they rely on dog lovers to speak on their behalf.

We hope that our editorial content and stance serves to foster a community of responsible dog lovers whose ethics eventually filter down into society at large. We try always to look at things from the dog's perspective.

That's why we are against the use of electric shock collars - they are inhumane and barbaric, and there are far better tools and methods available for training dogs.

We are also against dogs having to undergo surgical procedures for the vanity or desires of its owners. If there isn't a valid medical reason for a dog to go under the surgeon's knife, then it shouldn't. Simple as that. So you won't see us supporting the cropping of tails or ears or other similar procedures.

We extend the same ethos when looking at laws concerning dogs too. The rights of businesses, the pursuit of profit - and sometimes, even the preferences of humans - are further down the chain of priority. As dog lovers, we have a duty to speak up on behalf of dogs.

We're also a support network for dog lovers. We have millions of posts on a wide range of topics and involving people from all sorts of backgrounds. A wealth of knowledge and experience at your fingertips.

Last but not least, we consider ourselves one of the most friendly, welcoming places on the internet - if you love dogs, you'll love us.

So a very warm welcome to the pack!

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