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does neutering stop barking???

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28-09-2006, 02:52 PM   #2

Re: does neutering stop barking???

Firstly, castrating only really deals with problems related to S*x, eg roaming after bitches, fighting other entire males, that sort of thing. Occasionally it can have a calming effect. Many behaviours become "learnt" so that even after castrating, if the dog is over a few years old, they may stay with the dog.



for an article written by a reputable behaviourist re. castration.

If you are, as the trainer said, experiencing a variety of problems, it may be that some of them are related. I'd suggest maybe getting in an experienced and reputable behaviourist as it may be that some advice from them will help resolve the situation. Try www.apbc.org.uk or www.ukrcb.co.uk or www.apdt.co.uk


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