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28-09-2006, 01:08 PM

does neutering stop barking???

Hi, hope someone can help me with this problem, i'm at my wits end. I've got a rescue JRT and a collie (since pup) we've had the JRT four months now and we've had a few problems with aggression towards strange dogs. My neighbour told me a couple of weeks ago that he whined all the time i was at work (4hrs a day) took him to see a trainer who said that he had so many problems that we should deal with a few issues at a time, which was fair enough. I then decided to put the dogs in the same crate, or give them the run of the kitchen as they had been separated before and next door said that this had improved. Today i had a phone call at work from my neighbour and i could hear my dogs barking in the background, had to leave work early and come home to sort them out. went to see my neighbour and she said that it is the collie that now tends to bark more and as soon as he starts the JRT joins in briefly but today the collie just wouldn't stop. he hasn't been neutered as yet but wondered if that would help, he seems very protective of the JRT and never used to bark at anything before we got the other dog. i hope this all makes sense i'm a bit upset coz i'm afraid that we will have to get rid of the dogs coz all my other neighbours are getting a bit fed up with it too!!!!
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28-09-2006, 01:52 PM
Firstly, castrating only really deals with problems related to S*x, eg roaming after bitches, fighting other entire males, that sort of thing. Occasionally it can have a calming effect. Many behaviours become "learnt" so that even after castrating, if the dog is over a few years old, they may stay with the dog.


for an article written by a reputable behaviourist re. castration.

If you are, as the trainer said, experiencing a variety of problems, it may be that some of them are related. I'd suggest maybe getting in an experienced and reputable behaviourist as it may be that some advice from them will help resolve the situation. Try or or

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