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13-11-2017, 12:19 PM

Puppy bonding & Vacinations

My girlfriend and I just got 2 Golden retriever pups, one for each of us. Now, we are already aware of the threat of the dogs forming a super-bind and are going to crate them apart. However, my grandmother lives with us currently and will be at home with the dogs for the few overlapping hours that we work.

First, at the risk of sounding like the biggest jerk ever, I want my dog to recognize me as itís owner and primary bond. Do you think her being alone, playing with the dogs for 4-6 hours a day will be an issue with their behavior or bonding? Obviously Iím not going to tell her she can have nothing to do with them, but when she gets done with therepy and loves out I donít want the dogs to freak out thinking their owner has left. Am I just overthinking it?

Second, and probably more important if a question, our Breeder says that the pups get shots at 4 weeks (Neo-pavo) and a 5-way at 6 weeks, does this conclude all vaccinations besides rabies? Is there anymore vaccinations they will need in the next year?
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