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Timmy's Mom
New Member!
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Location: Philadelphia, United States
Joined: Sep 2017
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09-09-2017, 12:36 PM

3 month old Westie constantly peeing

Hi everyone
I need help! Never had a dog this small before. Is it normal for a Westie pup to pee constantly? Any info will help...thanks
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Dogsey Senior
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Location: Stoke on Trent, UK
Joined: Jan 2013
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09-09-2017, 02:37 PM
It sounds as if your house-training isn't working, so go back to the beginning and start over again. He only has a small bladder, so put your puppy outside after every playtime, sleep, and feed, - watch when he sniffs near doors and corners, and don't let him go more than an hour without giving him the opportunity to pee outside. Stand outside with him until he obliges, and make a great fuss when he does go. Use a marker word, 'Good Wee Wee' or whatever your choice is, and reward him with a small, really tasty treat. The object is that you don't give him the chance to fail.
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