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New Member!
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Joined: Apr 2017
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19-04-2017, 01:26 AM

Help with Raw!

Hello. I just got a new puppy, and I'd really love to have her on a raw diet. I'm just so nervous about doing something wrong! She's a 3 month old Australian cattle dog puppy, and right now I've got her on Freshpet - the best stuff I could find in Publix. My dad is not too eager to order me premade raw, which would really ease my anxiety, but he says making my own raw would be cheaper. But stuff I read online seems to always be contradicting each other -- are chicken necks ok or will my puppy choke???!!! -- and my vet is anything but supportive and would rather sell me corn in a bag (we are switching vets asap. I will not have my dogs going the same vet who lured my baby into an early death and THEN made us give him MORE money). Anywho - I'm dying to talk to someone who could help clear up the air. What would be like an exact recipe? And how do I know if the meat I'm getting is ok? Are beef bones ok or are they too hard? I'm really. Really. Stressing. Over. This.

Thank you in advance for putting up with me!
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Dogsey Veteran
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19-04-2017, 06:26 AM
There is no need for an exact recipe, chicken necks are fine and while the pup might gag on bones at time they tend to bring them back up and try again. Beef bones are ok for recreational gnawing but you really need to do more reading on the subject. Your pup needs a wide variety of meats rather than just chicken.
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Dr. Dennis Thomas
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22-04-2017, 12:58 AM
Actually, there is a need for a diet recipe. As a holistic vet for the past 16 years, I see many dogs come into my office that are on inappropriate, unbalanced diets fed raw. just because it is raw, if it is homemade, it might not be balanced. If you are going to prepare your food at home, contact a holistic vet in your area to help you with a diet recipe. You can find one at the website under their veterinary index. As far as feeding chicken necks, go for it. They should not be a problem. Make sure that you are with your pup when you give them to her just in case she tries to swallow it without chewing. They are great for your puppy and a natural source of calcium. Congratulations on having the desire to feed fresh, raw food to your pup. She will thrive on the diet and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
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