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Rescue dogs trained to hunt truffles

A Canberra truffle farmer is rescuing dogs and training them to hunt for the prized black gold.

Jayson Mesman has trained law enforcement dogs for 12 years but a decade ago he stumbled across truffle farming while working for Customs in Western Australia.

He now owns the ACT's only truffle farm in the foothills of Mount Majura. His "farm hands" are dogs rescued from pounds over the past decade.

"I actually go into the pound and look for the dogs that people quite often can't maintain," Mr Mesman said.

"Those with a really strong hunt drive, wanting to play constantly, the dog that chases the ball until he falls over almost."

Mr Mesman said Labradors were often given up for adoption.

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08-04-2016, 12:53 AM
Dog truffle trainer = genius
Doggy Dan also genius
New Guru of dog training
Would you train your dog with his tutorials though?
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