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26-10-2010, 03:41 PM   #1

Base meats for prey model

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26-10-2010, 03:54 PM   #2

Re: Base meats for prey model

Lamb is the main base for my
Red meat is good! and fat is good! dogs use it differently than us and with low carbs the fats are used for energy. Fats also contain lots of vitamins and stuff
Also digesting fats creates water so less likely for a dog to dehydrate (in the summer )
Turkey is good for a change too, not the same as chicken, although I havent fed turky bones yet

I would possibly try a tiny bit of tripe chunks and see, somethings give them the squits if they get too much before they are used to them, same with my lot with marrow bones - was ewwwww so I fed a tiny bit to start with then slowly added more

With the eco mince check its just mince - I got caught out that some is full of salt and soya - wich you dont want!!

I would deff try lamb, and also try rabbit? I also feed pork although I know lots of people dont

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26-10-2010, 05:19 PM   #3

Re: Base meats for prey model

My base meats are chicken, turkey and pork because they are the cheapest. I feed lamb occassionally and beef even less but thats just because the cost puts me off (I tend to buy from supermarkets as opposed to the minced stuff aimed at the pet market).

I believe turkey has less fat than chicken so I wouldnt consider it a pointless addition. Certainly for me, turkey tastes alot different than chicken so i'm assuming a dog would be able to know the difference too.

If one of your base meats was rabbit and you fed it whole, truly a the prey model diet, then he would get a good deal of everything he needs from this and that includes the fermented vegetation in the guts.

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26-10-2010, 05:30 PM   #4

Re: Base meats for prey model

Originally Posted by Moon's Mum
What meats to you guys base your diets on? He seems ok with beef and Eco mince, would a bit more red meat in his diet be a problem? Do you think that proper tubes of tripe would be less likely to upset him than the minced stuff (it's a very watery mince)? Is turkey pointless addition as it's similar to chicken. Maybe I should try lamb, but I wanted to not feed too much fatty red meat.

At the moment my dogs diet is lamb and lamb bones, with canned sardines once a week, liver once a week.
I will be changing his meats monthly giving nutrition over time rather than weekly. So by the end of the week he will be getting chicken for a month, pig pancreas and liver once a week (probably not at the same meal). month after that will probably be turkey, then maybe rabbit, then pheasant and so on. I dont give that much variety in a short space of time yet.

I don't see turkey as a useless addition at all, it may seem like chicken but its definatley not chicken its turkey and the diet is all about variety, so the more variety over time the better IMO. Chicken and turkey do have different nutrient values too.

I don't think red meat should cause a problem unless he is allergic or overweight (its higher fat)

Sounds to me like he just needs a bit more bone? There's bone in the fish but not the tripe. Too little bone can make them a bit loose. Perhaps feeding chicken carcass then some tripe for his meals will help?

I thought tripe was classed as offal not muscle meat?

If its classed as offal then you only need to feed 5% of his diet tripe, 5% liver, 10% bone and 80% meat. Give or take. (mine needs a little more bone than that) Perhaps its muscle meat? (I know heart is a muscle meat)

If you thought the beef alone was too fatty then you can feed chicken and beef together? even if you fed only beef for a week, when you change to feeding chicken the next it would bring the fat and calorie content down over the month. Thats how I would think of it (or just feed a little less of it) If it suits him its worth including IMO

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26-10-2010, 06:25 PM   #5

Re: Base meats for prey model

My main meats are chicken, tripe and lamb.... then pork, fish, turkey and beef occassionally, well I have more turkey at the moment, but thats cos I found a load reduced!!

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26-10-2010, 06:38 PM   #6

Re: Base meats for prey model

My boys eat mainly chicken carcasses and tripe as a base for their prey model diet. Their poos are generally small and firm. They get a bit looser with liver though.

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26-10-2010, 08:55 PM   #7

Re: Base meats for prey model

Like Cain, Bruce has a sensitive stomach too, i have found there is quite a difference between the blocks of tripe, free flow & tubes,
Bruce can only have the tubes of tripe, but i have found that rabbit is what really sorts him out, he can only have a small amount of red meat and offal as it can upset his stomach, but his diet is based on tripe, then i add rabbit, fish, offal, veg & gravy

Poppy can have anything, with no problems, but Chicken will upset Bruce & Megan's tummy, so they can only have a small amount.
also mackerel seemed to upset Bruce too, but i tried some white fish {i think it is monk fish} that seems OK

I just wish Bruce would eat it as it comes, Megan & poppy will, but Bruce will only eat everything, as long as it is minced,
{but that i think is more of a behavioural thing }

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04-11-2010, 02:19 AM   #8

Re: Base meats for prey model

Jakes base meats are chicken, ox heart and meat offcuts... also lamb ribs too.

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