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Update on Life And Stuff

Thanks again for all your lovely birthday wishes, I had a lovely day and was very spoilt. Clive bought me a beautiful chocolate brown leather look fitted jacket, (being vegetarian he knows that leather is a no no for me), plus a pair of flattish black ankle boots. We had a lovely Indian meal out last night too, then went out for a few drinks and then came home and watched Jaws - The Revenge...what a great day I had.

I was thrilled to get the post op results on Wednesday afternoon...I feel like a million dollars so had it in my mind that I wouldn't be so well if I did have cancer...but I just wanted to hear it from the surgeon. They did another blood test and I also had to have the camera up my nose and down my throat again...not pleasant but the few moments it takes to have done are far outweighed by the knowledge that everything looks just as it should do. The tumour weighed 20g and measured a whopping 60mm, which is why they are having me back in 3 months to check up on the remaining side of the thyroid and the nodule that is in there, because of the size and the speed that it grew. Apparently many people have these nodules and don't know they have them, so they really aren't concerned about it, plus, the surgeon had a lookat the other side during the op and told me that it looked absolutely fine. I also had the last of my stitches removed and just have to wait for the dissolving ones to do their job and I will be 100% active again.

Snowdrop Cottage sold last week...I had two people wanting it, apparently they had both seen it when it was on the market before I bought it but they couldn't sell their houses and I beat them to it. They have both put theirs on the market again in the hope that they can buy it this time, but then I had a couple from Sussex that have sold to a first time buyer and they want to be in before the end of the year. They had the survey done on Tuesday so, fingers crossed, if alls ok it will progress at speed and I can get on with my other plans.

Although I'm living with Clive, and we're very happy after a few hiccups, (which I think were mainly due to my emotional state caused by the thyroid problem and his SAD), I want to keep my money in property so have decided to look for a holiday home in Essex so that we can visit my family regularly but not be a burden on them. I'm off to Clacton, Brightlingsea and Frating tomorrow to have a look at a selection of properties...it's quite exciting really. Clive was also telling me about a mobile home on a plot of land just up the road from us...I'm going to try to find out about that...if I could afford that then I would buy it and could have Fabian back...Clive said he would be quite happy to live in something like that and then he can either sell his house or rent it out.

I popped into Jills before I went to the hospital on Wednesday so got to spend some time with Bailey, Tawny, Gracie and my Fabey Baby. It was the first time I had seen him since dropping him off 2 months ago...it was very difficult and a very emotional time...he went beserk and just couldn't cuddle me enough, I was sobbing again...I can't wait to get him back home with me. I'm back in Lincolnshire next week so am going to see him again and give him a haircut...he'll enjoy that and at least will understand that I haven't deserted him and will come back to see him on a regular basis.

I'm also hoping to visit the others in their new homes now that I'm fit and well again...it will obviously be very hard for me but I know that they are all so well loved and happy where they are that I take some consolation in that.

So there you have it...sorry its a bit long but its all good news and we can never have enough of that, can we?

Sheree xxx

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Lovely to hear from you Sheree.
I am so pleased for you the news is good and that all your plans are now bearing fruit you really really deserve it.
It will be lovely for you to have Fabey back and it sounds like it won't be too long before it happens. So fingers crossed it all goes smoothly now and quickly, sounds like it will and about time.
I am also so pleased you had a lovely Birthday.

Thanks Lynn..I feel really excited about the future xxx

Glad to hear all is going well for you.

Thanks Carole

Lovely update - everything is looking so much better for you than just a few months ago

Wonderful news, honey. Long may it continue!


The start of new beginning again for you Sheree.

Oh how lovely to see your big boy too and the cuddles from him must have been so precious.

So pleased for you - forwards and upwards

Charlie and the Gordon boys send slobberly kisses and woo woos!

wonderful news, I am so relieved for you, hope you can get your boy back soon xx

Pleased everything is going so well


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