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Dear all

We have finally decided to bite the bullet and get the building work done that we have been talking about for the last two years.

Our house at the moment is a 3 bed semi with a loft conversion giving us a fourth bedroom with en suite. We are having a kitchen/dining room extension on the rear of the house with a fifth bedroom and en suite above it. Our smallest bedroom will then become a study as OH often works at home.At the front we are having another two storey extension. This will give us a bigger bedroom upstairs, a large open plan hall/entrance room and a downstairs cloakroom.The garage will then be extended frowards to allow us to convert the back of the garage into a utility room leading from the kitchen.

This simple (yikes) job is due to take 16 weeks.....I will add some photos tomorrow when my camera is charged. I will update and offload as the work progresses.

Wish me luck!!! The builders start 8 a.m on Tuesday morning.

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Well, I wish you all the luck in the World Rachel, having just spent a whole year extending and revamping myself, I don't envy you one tiny little bit!!! I will envy the finished project though that's for sure!!! It's all very exciting though isn't it, I just hope it goes smooooooothly for you! All the best, I will follow your pics and blog with great interest that's for sure!

Thanks H. I am looking forward to my diet coke breaks!!

Geez, Rachel..... you are one brave woman.....


I was forgetting about those! It does have a plus side of course, depending upon whether hubby is going to do all the work or you're getting a gang of hunky builders in? Let's hope it's the latter then, but don't forget to stock that fridge up like I did or you'll be missing out on the best bits! I hope you've taken some "before" pics for us please?

I have team of builders to do the whole lot.Fridge will be stocked and the before photos are on their way tomnorrow.

Exciting Rachel
My oh has been really busy with extensions and alterations to properties this year - I think with the credit crunch it has encouraged people to stay put!

Exactly what we did after our sale fell through last year, we put a dormer on the side of our house - yes it's untidy, re-locating furniture and dusty - but the end result is well worth it.

I've come out of the dark age and gone all contemporary lol.

Plus I had some delicious men working here... sadly I was nearly ..old enough to be their Mum lol

Good Luck and enjoy xx

Well I just hope your builders are a tad different to the old bloke that Clive has working here on the garage foundations lol.

Hope everything goes smoothly and look forward to seeing the before and after piccies...if its anything like Helenas you'll be well chuffed.

Good luck xxx

Thanks everyone.

Wow...sounds like it will be amazing. A house near us was literally ripped apart and rebuilt, looks amazing now though!
Wil it be done for Christmas?

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