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Rehoming Update

I hope you're not all fed up with hearing about my rehoming efforts, I just wanted to update you all on the current situation.

Ebony goes to her new home tomorrow, she is off to St Albans to live with her litter sister Bella and Sam, the 12 year old Dalmatian.

This leaves me with Leon, (who is still looking for that special forever home), Bradley who is leaving for his new home at the end of August and Fabey, who is coming with me.

The only thing that is stopping me from throwing in the towel at work and moving in with Clive is the rehoming, as soon as its all sorted I will be off to begin my new life...I can't wait.

It seems very empty and echoey here at Snowdrop Cottage, there are a few things to be done such as a new front door, (without a dog flap this time), and new patio doors (also without a dog flap), and a secondhand kitchen (a lovely solid pine one from my aunt who has just had a new kitchen), it should fit in really well here...my dad is fitting it in for me and he is a perfectionist so I'm thinking its going to look stunning when its finished. The old units are ok but just a tiny bit nibbled in places...courtesy of Bradley and Ebony! lol

Then Snowdrop Cottage can go on the market..I'm sure it will be a happy place for someone or a family...it just wasn't meant to be for me...but the silver lining is that Clive is now in my life...a fantastic man who I never dreamed I would be fortunate to meet, let alone spend my future with.

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Sheree you sound so upbeat and positive. Glad things are falling into place.

Thanks Rachel, I do feel a lot better now that I have placed a majority of the dogs, as sad as it was and still is to a degree, they all have wonderful homes and have settled well...I think that was what I was worried about more than anything xx

They have settled so well, because you ensure they got great home, and made them great dogs.
Glad your feeling better.

Agree with Leo, the reason you can rest easier about rehoming the dogs is all the effort you have put in to finding them the ideal home. Sorry still now news for you with regards to Leon, all I do know is Natalie is still trying for you.

Thanks Marie and Lynn, thats really kind of you. Thanks also Lynn for the work you and Natalie are doing in trying to find somewhere for Leon..he won my parents over at the weekend..my dad is really tempted but they have 10 grandchildren over every weekend and they just don't think they can cope with a dog aswell.

I know it must be heartbreaking to be parting with your beloved babies Sheree, but on the positive side, I'm so very pleased you've found someone to share the rest of your life with, and when you look back a year or so ago, things were pretty bleak on the man front weren't they, with all that fencing to do etc. (I hope he's finished it all now for you!!!). I do like happy endings, and although you're going to miss them all, they're all very happy where they are now I'm sure of that, you wouldn't have had it any other way knowing you. I would have loved to buy Snowdrop Cottage from you if our circumstances were different down here, it sounds just the sort of home I would like for me and Dave when we retire, not forgetting Georgie with that lovely big garden you've also got up there. I would be interested to see the details when it's on the market if you wouldn't mind pm'ing them to me or putting them up on here? You never know things might have changed for us too when it's up and ready to sell on. You take care and good luck with Leon too.xxxx

It must be such a comfort to know what good homes they are all going to and hoepfully with your new laptop you will be able to keep in touch with all their new families.

Thanks Helena..no he hasn't finished the fencing...but I mustn't grumble as he did buy me a new car and a new laptop..and he's decorating the house completely so that it doesn't have any of his ex-wifes colour choices..not that I'm worried, its nice shades of pink and mauves but he's doing it so we have a totally fresh start...thats how considerate he is, if only he'd had a bigger house then I would have been able to keep more of the dogs. I'll let you know once Snowdrop Cottage is on the market..should be ready in about a month or so xxxx

Thanks Fiona, I miss them dreadfully and my stomach is lurching with the thought of taking Ebony tomorrow, but Claire has given Remy a lovely home and the lady that has Tyler was chatting to me on the phone the other night at the same time as feeding him pizza whilst he was sprawled out on her husband on the sofa! I have known Rebecca for 3 years now, since she had Bella from me, and I know that Ebby will also have a wonderful home too xx

Well, for me, I could never get bored with news of the rehoming Sheree, the blogs you used to write about them last year means I feel I know them all and of course I want to know where they go. So pleased all is working out for you.

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