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Dating Agencies Do Work

It's been a long time since I told you that I had decided to find myself a man, and I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I met Clive, but it was all worth it and I seem to have found a real "diamond geezer" this time lol. I thought I would share the story with you, whilst I still have access to a computer.

It all started at the end of last year, on the site that I was a member of I had changed my requirements to just friends as I was getting all sorts of pervy messages and had decided to stop looking for a relationship as it seemed that all the men I chatted to or met had just one thing in mind...and it wasn't the same thing that I was looking for!!!

Anyway, when I logged in I was able to see who had been looking at my profile and Clive had been looking every day but never sent me a wink or a kiss or any other form of communication, he just kept staring at me. Once day, when I was feeling particularly brave, I sent him a message asking him why he kept looking at me...he replied that he liked the sound of me but thought the distance was too far...he is in Northampton and I'm in Lincolnshire (only 86 miles) so had decided not to follow it through.

We continued to chat, just as friends. When my lappy died we had already swapped phone numbers so started chatting that way. We hit it off from day one, he makes me giggle as soon as he opens his mouth, he is really funny and, at that point, I was more than happy just to be friends with him, but it got to the stage where I missed him if we didn't chat each day. Then he told me that he had a date with a woman from another site..my heart sunk but he had already made it clear that he didn't want a relationship with someone who lived so far away, so it wasn't as if he was leading me on or anything. Anyway, as luck would have it, she didn't want to see him again, (I promise I was only joking when I threatened to kneecap her if she went out with him again!).

Then, I got contacted by two men that I had become friends with on the site just as friends and both wanted to meet me for a date, I happened to mention this to Clive in passing, we had become good friends and spoke about everyday occurences so there wasn't any hidden agenda, I just asked which one, if either he thought I should meet. One didn't drive so I would have to drive over to him, not a problem as far as I was concerned. When I mentioned this to Clive he asked if I would have driven over to meet up with him, "of course", I said, he seemed suprised that I didn't share his opinion that 86 miles is a long way, probably because I consider that local compared to the hundreds of miles I would travel in one day when showing the dogs.

Well that seemed to spur him on, suddenly he asked if he could meet me and it had to be before I met either of the other two men. I agreed and he drove over to me for the day, we went into Boston to window shop, then had a lovely sunday lunch in an old fashioned country pub, and then he asked if I wanted to go to Skegness for the afternoon. So off we went, I had two wines with my lunch and was a bit giggly anyway, but we still had that spark that was on the telephone and we spent the whole afternoon laughing, it was brilliant.

We all know how clumsy I am so it will come as no suprise to anyone that when we went for a stroll on the pier the heel of one of my boots got stuck between the slats, I stopped dead in my tracks and couldn't extract my boot from the floor. One big pull and it came away, leaving the heel in the pier floor, I spent the rest of the date hobbling up and down as I walked with one heel on and one heel off. Clive asked if he could buy my a new pair of boots but they only had really dolly ones in the shops and I don't do dolly anymore, (White stilleto type), 25 years ago maybe, but I'm not in Essex anymore lol. We also spent ages on the twopenny waterfalls, trying to win loads of money, it was such a lovely day and we spent most of it laughing.

The rest is history, we have spent every weekend together at his place since, he is a really kind and gentle man, he has been badly hurt in the past but treats me with love and respect. I have met his family and his son and we get on really well, I was worried about his lad as I have no children of my own and wasn't sure how to treat him, but there was no problem, Clive leaves me and him to play with the toys whilst he gets on with watching tv and stuff, he reckons we have a similar mental age although I do find they tend to gang up on me and I'm always the one who has to be shot with the bow and arrows or the lazer gun, or I have to be in goal all the time, but I suppose I'm lucky they let me play with them.

When my world suddenly started to crash around me Clive simply said, "move in with me", so that is the plan, as soon as things are sorted out here we will be together, and neither of us can wait.

So what I wanted to say is that if anyone is feeling lonely but is worried about some of the people on these dating sites, please persevere if its what you really want, there are some genuine people out there, they may not live just around the corner but where there's a will there's a way.

Oh, and here's a picture of my lovely man...

Sheree x

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What a lovely story, I am so glad you have found each other. I hope you have a lovely life together x

so glad you have met someone special and there is a happy ending for you.

I'm so happy for you Sheree, congratulations, you deserve it.

Awww Sheree, I'm so glad you've posted this lovely story! I shall show it to a friend of mine here, that is in the same position! Her sister who lives in Switzerland made her a member of a dating site and she keeps saying she doesn't think it will work out - I went round the other day and managed tp persuade her to put a pic on the site, which she hadn't done, as didn't Know how to! So here's hoping - you just never know! I hope you and Clive have a long and happy life together!

What a lovely story, and I wish you all the best for the future. Oh and I have to say Clive looks gorgeous.
Heather and Zak

Thanks for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed my story, I've been wanting to let you all know about Clive for ages but not had the chance to write. One day I went into the local pub with him and all his mates were there, waiting to meet this woman that he had met on the internet..it was a bit embarrasing that they all knew about me and how we had met, but then I felt so pleased that he had liked me enough to tell them all about me. I've done some really stupid things in front of him, there was my boot heel, then I fell over, the other day I spilled a whole glass of red wine on his cream curtains...I hope he's realised he's going to have his hands full when I move in lol xxx

What a lovely story, and it's all true x So happy for you Sheree, wishing you and Clive forever laughter xx

Aww thanks Trixybird, thats really sweet of you. xx

I'm so happy for you Sheree. If anyone deserves a good man, it's you honey. xoxox

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